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How to Pay for College With a Land Trust Investment

Whether you have kids now or plan to in the future, paying for college is an undertaking you should plan ahead for. Real estate investors should especially be aware of the options they have when…


Three Reasons to Title Your Investment Property in a Land Trust and Not and LLC

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the main benefits of holding title to real estate investment property in a land trust. A land trust is just like a standard trust, except as the name implies, this…


How is A Land Trust Different Then A Standard Trust?

A land trust is defined as an entity used to hold title to real estate. Unlike the standard trust, usually land trust doesn’t involve family. Also, a land trust offers versatility for real estate investors…


Understanding Land Trusts and Foreclosures

We’ve all known someone who has gone through the complicated foreclosure process. Over the past year the amount of monthly foreclosures has hovered between 60,000 and 80,000. Holding property in a land trust can add…


Land Trusts and the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982

As real estate investors ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to keep up with all the compex legislation surrounding real estate. Today, we’ll discuss a piece of legislation that can seem intimidating at…


A Land Trust Vs. a Living Trust

End of life matters are not always easy to think or talk about. However, making plans now, while you are healthy enough to do so, can save your loved ones time, money, and heartache. After…


What Is The Liability of a Land Trust Trustee?

A land trust is a type of revocable living trust. Unlike a living trust, which can contain any types of assets, a land trust is for real estate or real estate related items only. With…


Land Trusts and Limited Liability Companies

If you want to protect your privacy and real estate assets, a land trust is a great way to do so. Why? A land trust inherently provides anonymity on public records related to the ownership…


IRS Section 121 And The Land Trust Beneficiary

A land trust is a great way to own property while maintaining your anonymity. With a land trust, the ownership of the property is publicly listed under the name of the trust itself. A land…


Land Trusts – Transfers at the Beneficial Interest Level

A land trust provides owners with anonymity. This is one of the biggest benefits of establishing a land trust. However, this level of anonymity extends to the transfer of beneficial interest as well. What is…


The Benefit of Using Power of Attorney With a Land Trust

When it comes to having a land trust with someone you are close to, using a power of attorney with…


How Do You Borrow Money Using a Land Trust?

I’ve been harping on for years about the importance of setting up…


The Privacy of a Land Trust Owned by a Limited Liability Company

Having a land trust is a good idea for property owners and real estate investors. Land trusts are especially a…


What Happens When a Land Trust Gets Sued

Forming a land trust is a no-brainer for the savvy real estate…


Asset Protection With a Separate Land Trust For Each Property

One thing I tell all my clients is that they need to put their investment properties into a land trust. A land trust is a very simple and inexpensive instrument for purchasing and retaining title…


Knowing if a Land Trust is Legal in Your State

For years now, I’ve been telling people to use land trusts for…


Can a Lien Be Filed Against a Property Held in a Land Trust?

One of the key elements of asset protection is financial privacy. The only way a savvy real estate investor, such as yourself, can keep their financial matters private is by not making the extent of…


The Benefit of Using a Power of Attorney With a Land Trust

When it comes to having a land trust with someone you are close to, using a power of attorney with a land trust is a good idea. A Power of Attorney, or a POA, is someone who acts on behalf of you. This is a good thing to have in…


Big Considerations to Take When Naming Your Land Trust

  Today I’ll shed some light on an aspect of land trust that may seem so simple, it’s often overlooked….



Considering Florida Land Trusts Using Foreign Beneficiaries

Florida is one of six states along with Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, North Dakota and Hawaii that have specific statutes allowing…


A Few Reasons NOT to Use Land Trusts

  The land trust is an ideal vehicle for anonymous property ownership. It can also provide an easier probate process and potential protection against lawsuits. Setting up a land trust is also a fairly straightforward process, requiring only two main documents: a deed to trustee and the land trust agreement….


Choosing to Search for a Private Trustee or Institutional Trustee

Although choosing a trustee for your land trust is an important thing…


How Honest is it to Use a Land Trust for Asset Protection?

If you’re thinking about establishing a land trust, you may already know that not all information you read online about…


When is the Best Time to Set Up A Land Trust?

When it comes to setting up a land trust, the best time to set one up is right away. This…