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Asset Protection Structure

Asset Protection Diagram for Royal Legal Solutions
The diagram above shows a fully developed asset protection plan. Let’s explore how this works, starting at the bottom of the diagram and work our way up.


There are three documents associated with each property you own:

When you purchase an asset protection plan, you must transfer your properties into your new asset protection structure.


You can hide your assets from prying eyes by holding them inside of an anonymous land trust. This technique applies to both assets and entities. Unlike the owners of land or business, the members of a trust do not need to be made public.

Holding Company

This is where you should hold your property. Both the Series LLC and the Delaware Statutory Trust (for California residents) offer a compartmentalized structure you can use to create children. These children behave as if they were traditional LLCs, but are much easier to manage and generate fewer taxes and fees. The holding company should never engage in transactions with the outside world.

Shell Company

The operations company (or “shell”) offers an additional layer of compartmentalization. This is generally a traditional LLC and it is used to conduct all your business transactions, such as accepting payments. While you can make this structure anonymous, it can also be used as a decoy and placed into all contracts as the party to sue in the event of a dispute. Because this entity doesn’t hold any assets, there is nothing to lose.

Estate Plan

There are two primary components of an estate plan:

You can hold all of the corporate structures inside of your estate plan’s living trust. This allows you to avoid having your assets frozen in the event of probate court, meaning rent can still be collected.

Yearly Maintenance

There are a variety of routine tasks required to maintain the good standing of your corporate structure. We provide subscription services to free you to focus on what matters most in life, rather than investing your precious time and attention to muddle through corporate complaince and on-going legal questions.
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Corporate Compliance (learn more)

Further Reading

If you want to take a deeper dive into the asset protection structure, please read through the following PDF. This contains a similar diagram of how our anonymous asset protection structure works and goes into additional depth.
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