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Investor Spotlight

About the Show

Crystal Brooks

The Investor Spotlight podcast features 15-20 minute short stories about real estate investors. It’s a chance to learn more about how people get into real estate, what kind of challenges they encounter, and how they were able to move forward and achieve their goals.

Episodes are hosted by Crystal Brooks, a longtime asset protection adviser with Royal Legal Solutions. Crystal has helped hundreds of real estate investors, new and old, work toward their dream of achieving financial independence through real estate investing.

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Crystal interviews active real estate investors about their journey, the challenges they have overcome and the success they’ve achieved.

In order to share these stories, guests usually need three or more properties that are actively generating revenue. Most of the time, it takes at least two years of experience in real estate to hit those kind of numbers.


you should #1

Actively generating revenue from three or more properties.

you should #2

Actively investing in real estate investor for at least two years.

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