Real Estate Nerds 41: Best Deals

How to Preserve Your Wealth & Keep it to Yourself

Frazer Rice

Private Wealth Manager

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On today’s episode of The Real Estate Nerds Podcast, our host and attorney Scott Smith is joined by Frazer Rice. The two attorney-investors dive right into a deep conversation about asset protection and management, learning financial responsibility, and the true meaning of wealth. Note that this is an episode in our “Live From FinCon 2018” Series. Don’t forget to check out the Royal Legal YouTube channel for video extras and other great content. Back to the show…

Frazer Rice on Wealth Actually and Steps You Can Take To Keep More of Your Investing Income in Your Hand

Frazer Rice sits down with our host and asset protection attorney, Scott Smith. Together, they chat about Frazer’s latest book and greater goal of helping investors retain more of their income.

[0:45] Frazer is a wealth expert who helps other investors keep as much of their earnings in their own pockets. This includes asset protection, but also tax minimization work. He points out the many ways that the U.S. Government, via taxation, pockets taxpayer dollars through sheer ignorance on the part of the taxpayer.

[2:00] Frazer recently authored Wealth Actually: Intelligent Decision-Making for the 1%. The book is full of wisdom for those changing asset classes or “moving up” in the real estate world.

[2:30] Scott expresses his admiration for the book, relating his own experiences as an asset protection attorney.

[3:15] Frazer points out the need for unique, customized plans: “You could be a doctor with a high litigation risk. You could own a construction company. You could have a high inheritance risk with a drug-addicted sibling. Everyone’s situation is different.” Each of these circumstances requires a specific type of risk management, and that’s where Frazer’s latest work is useful

[5:30] Scott asks what motivated Frazer’s latest book. Frazer immediately points to taxes, and how to mitigate capital gains and minimize tax liability. He also speaks to how to form an adequate estate plan–advice he routinely gives his clients. Failure to form an estate plan can lead to lengthy litigation, forced sales, and plenty of avoidable fees.

Tools Even Children Can Use for Learning Fiscal Responsibility

Frazer shares some of his practical tips for working with young people to set them up for a life of financial responsibility. Since financial literacy is generally overlooked in schools, Frazer has taken the initiative to fill this education gap.

[7: 20] Frazer lists a couple of exercises for teaching children about investing, preparing them for a lifetime of responsibility. They learn early on about losing as well. Siblings present an ideal situation, as they can work together on exercises to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

[10:00] Scott inquires whether these concepts are for children only. Frazer replies that financial literacy is something investors can work on at any age.  Scott asks how Frazer explains headier concepts like taxes, real estate investing, and problem-solving. Frasier replies that his financial literacy tools are modified for age-appropriateness.

[14:00] Scott asks about whether it is worth the effort to train children in their real estate business for seamless transition. Frazer says yes, and that the lessons about wealth are fairly intuitive–and better off taught. He elaborates more on wealth management with some stories from his experiences with clients.

[18:30] On the subject of wealth, Frazer points out that a broad definition can improve your life: “There’s a currency of success that has nothing to do with dollars.” Scott agrees, and points out that people can use real estate for passive income to free up time to pursue the things they really enjoy.

[21:00] Scott asks a bit more about how children learn from early investing options. Frazer believes if the power of compound interest were taught universally, Americans in general would be doing better.

The Takeaway: Focus on Where You Excel & Have a Team to Check Your Blind Spots

Scott and Frazer wrap up with the take-aways points from their discussion. Both investors agree that a strong backing system and network is vital.

[22:40] Scott points out that most investors take mis-steps because of their own blind spots.

[23:00] Frazer confirms, and further elaborates that skill sets are diverse, and that’s okay: “You don’t need to know how to solve every problem..If you’re okay at a couple of things, that’s a good business model.” Some team members may be better with lenders, while others can crunch the numbers on properties and comps easily. Still others may be more equipped for managing contractors and the properties themselves.

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About Frazer Rice

Frazer Rice is a leading authority on wealth management. He teaches others to use real estate, asset protection strategies, and tax mitigation tactics to keep more of their hard-earned investment dollars in their pockets.

He is the President of Wealth Actually LLC.  Wealth Actually is a financial services and legal media company.  Today’s reality is that advice companies need to be media companies as well. WA will help businesses and individuals recognize this reality and use it to amplify their presence and increase their business.

On August 7th, 2018, Frazer released his first book through Lioncrest Press.  In Wealth, Actually, Frazer shares his approach to wealth management. Through a combination of philosophical discussion, practical advice, humor, and anecdotes, he shows how prosperous individuals can determine what they want their wealth to do; communicate with loved ones about their fortune; avoid overspending; handle wealth threats; evaluate, grow, and protect investments; and choose the best advisors.  It can be purchased at

Frazer Rice was a leading private wealth manager for more than fifteen years at one of the nation’s top financial institutions. In March of 2013, Private Asset Management named Frazer as one of the “Rising Stars in Wealth Management and Family Office Services.”

Based out of the bank’s New York City office, Frazer served over 70 individuals, families and charities by protecting (and growing) newly-earned and generational wealth, overseeing estates, planning for the financial futures of children and grandchildren, creating new philanthropic ventures, and resolving a wide range of personal finance matters. He was responsible for more than $11 billion in client assets under management and administration. Frazer also maintains a robust podcast where he interviews the entrepreneurs, experts,  and other influencers.

Frazer is the Treasurer of a Manhattan Co-op and a Corporate Advisory Board Member of a newly formed podcast company and a high-end fashion company that specializes in designing and marketing artist-inspired women’s apparel and accessories.

Frazer’s personal philanthropic commitments have included senior advisory positions with diverse assortment of non-profits.  He is currently the Chairman of Taliesin Nexus, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that connects young filmmakers with industry veterans who support liberty-based themes.

Frazer earned his law degree from Emory University in 2001 and his B.A. from Duke University in 1995. He currently resides in Manhattan, is an avid golfer and greatly enjoys exploring a wide array of intellectual and pop-culture topics. Frazer has authored articles and been quoted in publications including The New York Times, the London Daily Telegraph and the Journal News and also appears as a guest commentator on various Cable TV business networks.