Real Estate Nerds 55: Best Deals

Mentoring in the Trenches

Chris Prefontaine

Real Estate Investing Expert

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Chris Prefontaine is real estate investor who has a passion for mentorship. He not only invests personally with his family business but also with students that he partners with throughout the whole deal making process. He joins Scott on Real Estate Nerds to hash out what his ‘best deal’ looked like as well as some bonus information on how to avoid ‘bad beats’. Scott and Chris talk about how important mentorship is in the real estate game and give advice on how to be successful. Chris also shares information on how to get his free e-book, “Real Estate On Your Terms”.

Mentoring in the Trenches

Chris talks about what his relationship with real estate in the rent-to-own world and how he works largely as a mentor.

[2:50] Chris begins talking about one of his best deals involving a debt-free seller who had already moved out of the house.

[4:23] Importance of building relationship with the seller. The crux of this relationship being, determining and solving their issue.

  • Unhappy with the amount of stress
  • Financial concern
  • Need of expertise

[6:59] Chris owns and operates,

  • Importance of having mentors that are still practicing
  • They lock arms with you after training and are on ground 0 from the very beginning

[10:11] Executing well on the easy opportunities.

[11:30] Steps to avoiding bad deals:

  • Expect and plan for the worst
  • Learn and adapt as you go
  • Have mentors
[15:05] Chris gives his parting advice:
  • Success leaves clues.
  • Dont get caught up with all the shiny objects.
  • Commit to it for 3 years, not 2 or 3 months.
[20:10] Chris free book- Real Estate On Your Terms

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