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Real Estate Nerds 57:

Bad Beats

"Nonperforming Notes and Sovereign States"

Scott Carson
Real Estate Investing Expert
Real Estate Nerds
Episode 57: "Bad Beats"

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In todays episode of “Real Estate Nerds”, the Scotts (Smith and Carson) meet together to talk about a ‘Bad Beat’ S. Carson encountered earlier in his career. Scott Carson has been actively buying notes on residential and commercial properties since 2005 but this one stood out as a particularly tough deal.

Nonperforming Notes and Sovereign States

Introduction and Scott Carson’s background

[3:00] Intro to the ‘Bad Beat’ featuring 11 notes in Chicago.

[5:10] Scott Carson talks about the trouble he had with evictions, including:

  • A gun being pulled on a process server.
  • A tenant declaring his dwelling a ‘sovereign state’
  • $250,000 in attorney fees

[9:13] Scott Carson talks about the lengthy legal proceedings involved with this deal.

[12:15] Scott Carson talks about how to maintain good relationships with investors and what repayment of investors looked like.

[16:00] Scott Carson talks about his 5 cornerstones of conducting business:
  • Buying first lien only
  • Below market value
  • Insuring the property
  • Proper paperwork/Legal assistance
  • Wire to a bank not to you directly

[17:38] Scott Carson talks about what his drive for wealth accumulation is and his passion for educating others

[19:35] Scott Carson talks about his goal to educate and create 10,000 note investors over the next 5 years.

[23:57] Lesson Learned

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Hosted by Scott Smith, Lead Attorney and Founder of Royal Legal Solutions

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About Scott Carson

Scott Carson is the owner and managing member of Inverse Investments LLC, and a Austin based, defaulted note buying company. He specializes in finding non performing notes on residential and commercial properties and purchasing these notes for his portfolio. He also teaches Note Buying For Dummies, a 4 day workshop for investors on buying defaulted notes. He has been an active real estate investor since 2002 and purchase real estate all across the country. He also speaks on a regular basis on real estate investing, defaulted mortgages, short sales, marketing, and raising private capital.


Connect with Scott via his email and website:


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