Real Estate Nerds 58: Bad Beats

Market Downturn vs Not Downturn

Kevin Bupp

Real Estate Investing Expert

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In todays episode of Real Estate Nerds Scott is joined by Kevin Bupp, real estate investor and CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, to go over his ‘Bad Beat’ which like many investors is the year 2008. In this discussion they cover the current state of the real estate market and what investors should do in response to it. Kevin also shares some insight into his approach to stress testing deals and the ‘downturn’ vs ‘not downturn’ debate.

Market Downturn vs Not Downturn

Introduction to Kevin and his history in real estate.

[3:22] Scott and Kevin get into todays ‘Bad Beat’ which is a deal that taught Kevin a lot about the real estate game.

[4:43] Scott and Kevin briefly discuss the “bubbles” in the market and if the current market is similar to 2008.

[7:32] Kevin’s stress/sensitivity test for making smart decisions on deals:

  • Run out hypothetical scenarios of what the future may bring.
  • Mapping out the short term and long term game plan.
  • Determining the type of debt it will qualify for today.

[9:30] Example of the stress test in action.

[13:13] Kevin talks about another instance he encountered in 08 involving single family homes…

[15:00] …and what he did in response to it:

  • Emphasizing the importance of relationships
  • Maintaining honesty and transparency
[18:17] The passionate split between investors on the status of the market (‘downturn’ vs ‘not downturn’) and whether it actually matters.

[21:52] Investment strategies for the current market as well as looking long term.

[28:00] Scott mentions the #1 BIG thing that he sees separating successful and unsuccessful investors.

[28:20] Scott and Kevin touch back on the ‘downturn’ vs ‘not downturn’ debate.

[31:27] How to connect with Kevin and who he is looking to connect with:

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