Real Estate Nerds 69: Best Deals

Hitting Syndication Out of the Ballpark

Evan Kirkpatrick

Syndication Deals

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Austin, Texas has become a boomtown for investors. To say there is a lot of opportunity would be an understatement. This week’s guest Evan Kirkpatrick explains the type of nuts and bolts skills that you need to do syndication deals, run a real estate business, and gives some closing advice to the audience about finding where you can fit in when it comes to real estate.Tune into this week’s episode where Evan Kirkpatrick discusses his background as a CPA and how helps real estate investors with high net worth to small business owners just getting started with their tax strategies.

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[00:00:40] – Quick Pitch Free LLC and Tax Package Pitch

[00:01:07 ] – Introduction to Evan Kirkpatrick

[00:01:57 ] – Evan Kirkpatrick discusses how long he has been a CPA. Discusses his background he has in helping real estate investors in Austin, TX. from high net worth to small business owners with their tax strategies. Austin is the place for smart business. It has become a boomtown in every way including investors. There is a  lot of opportunity.

[00:03:21] Evan’s primary goal is to inform small business owners what they should be doing from a tax perspective and from a financial perspective to achieve the big goals we all have. He wants to make sure all of the planning is helping move you to your goal and nothing is in the way to hinder those goals.

[00:04:40] –He discusses his experience with syndication and all of his real estate experience in his career beginning with a story about his raw land deals. From buy and hold to multi family to commercial deals. The main thing to remember when getting into these deals is “there has to be potential. The deals are ROI driven. We have to be able to sell it five years from now for a big chunk more than what we paid for it. There has to be a big upside idea at play with a syndication deal. In the smaller deals you can buy purely on cash flow. If you are in small real estate deals they are all wanting to get into multi-family or commercial or storage centers. The way those deals are structured are for the big upside play at the core. “It’s a not a singles and doubles game. It’s a homerun game.”

[00:08:33] – Evan runs down the big multifamily deal and the way they are structured. The money people get a guaranteed rate of return first.  You might get some fees for running the deal but that is just enough to run the operational expenses. You won’t be purchasing the property for a $1 and selling it for $1.05.  You are going to buy the property for $1 and selling it for $3. Reasons? It’s badly mismanaged. It’s in bad shape. There’s issues with the property. You have to bring some unique value to the table.

[00:11:40] – He explains the type of nuts and bolts skills that you need to do syndication deals and run a real estate business. To be successful at syndication you really need to have the following skills or have a team with the following skills:

  1. Rehabbing
  2. Financing
  3. Finding Deals
  4. Building a team

[00:17:49] – Evan gives some closing advice to the audience about finding where you can fit in when it comes to real estate. Do what you’re good at. Find your core skill.  t’s easy to listen to people that share their knowledge. It’s easy to say, “I can do that.” “Successful investors know what core skills they have that separate them from their peers.” Evan explains his strength is understanding numbers and how to relate those numbers to people’s investments.

[00:20:33] – Closing comments. Scott goes over the tax package in more detail.

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