Real Estate Nerds 71: Best Deals

Get Cozy With An Airbnb Business

Jake Koferl

Airbnb Investor

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This week’s guest Jake Koferl is an expert in the Airbnb market. He works in multifamily investing. Jake dishes on his Airbnb business Cozybnb and how he scored a best deal after only working on five or six deals. Tune into this week’s episode and learn how listening to your gut and going on instincts will lead you to the home run deals.

[00:00:31] – Introduction to the Real Estate Nerds podcast and Jake Koferl’s Best Deal.

[00:01:20] – Jake dishes on his Airbnb business Cozybnb. He currently manages over 50 Airbnb’s in Charleston, Richmond and Charlotte and got started in December of 2018. He focuses on Short-term Rental Property Management for commercial and residential property investors.

[00:02:22] – In January 2019, Jake started working on his best deal with a partner in Richmond, Virginia. Jake had worked on about 5 or 6 deals prior to coming across his best deal and got the deal done in about three months.

[00:03:57] – Jake’s decision to work on the deal was based on a gut feeling that his deal was going to be a good deal. “For the home runs you just get a get feeling.”

[00:06:08] – Jake explains what having a good partner looks like and the qualities he looks for in a partner.

[00:07:33] – After his partner discovered the best deal, Jake discusses how he took his expertise in Airbnb properties and locked down the deal.

[00:09:03] – Jake continues explaining how the first 30 days involve the most work and is the most important time to be transparent with the owner while you are setting up and staging the property. 

[00:10:03] – Jake updates Scott on the current state of the property.

[00:12:22] – Scott and Jake wrap up the podcast. Jake shares his best lesson learned which is enjoying the deals and partners you get involved with.

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