Real Estate Nerds 74: Best Deals

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Holly Williams

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In this episode our guest Holly Williams talks about her best deal and how she got started in the industry. When Holly Williams began investing years ago, the returns were exciting, but even more exciting to her were the multitudes of advantages in the tax code for real estate investors. Put simply, the US Tax code is very favorable to real estate investment, and allows for strategies that legally shelter income.

Check out the latest episode of the Real Estate Nerds Podcast to hear Holly break down the steps she took to take advantage in the tax code for real estate investors and turn those advantages into a pattern of success.

Listen now, and learn how you can too.

“I didn’t know that you could invest in real estate passively and bypass Wall Street. .” – Holly Williams

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[00:00:00 – 00:01:53] Introduction to Real Estate Nerds

[00:01:54 – 00:2:45] Holly Williams talks about her relationship with Joe Fairless and her background real estate. The one thing she didn’t realize about real estate when she first got into the business was there was a way to bypass Wall Street.

[00:04:00 – 00:05:30] Holly dishes on her first deal in Cincinnati. Joe Fairless called her up and said he’d quit his job and wanted her help investing in an apartment complex and then three months later he reached out to her again and asked her to help him raise $1,000,000.

[00:05:31 – 00:09:00] Holly explains that the even wealthy investors were not aware of the potential of real estate investing. Many thought the opportunities were scams. She did some digging and discovered that hedge funds and property management companies owned many of the apartment complexes she looked into. What she learned was that she could put together a group of investors and buy properties as a group. When investing in this manner, they would now be eligible for the tax benefits and depreciation and all of the good stuff that goes along with real estate investing.

[00:09:01 – 00:14:00] Holly invested in Joe Fairless’ deal because she wasn’t able to raise all the money and wound up making her money back and then some. She then realized the downside of investing in stocks when it comes to capital gains and the upside to cash flow return in real estate investing and the IRS benefits that go along with it.

[00:14:01 – 00:17:07] Holly creates to spread the news of her discovery and to provide access to real estate investor. to educate and share private investment opportunities with successful, high-earning professionals. There are two groups of investors. One group has access to opportunities that are tax friendly and often more secure, and the other group isn’t even allowed to know about them.

[00:17:08 – 00:20:26] The lesson learned segment. Holly explains the biggest lesson she’s learned is that the financial experts don’t know much more than the average investor knows.

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Holly Williams has spent more than 25 years as an executive in the advertising and market research industries, and a few years into her career she started making a little money.  As the years went on, she found herself paying more and more of her salary in taxes, getting very little in return. She was an accredited investor and didn’t even know what that was. It’s the big secret that most of the “financial advisors” don’t WANT you to know.


… and in excess of 100M in real estate investments to her credit, Holly Williams is one of the nation’s leading Syndicated Multifamily Real Estate Investment experts.

The investment aspect is straightforward – Holly works with the best in the world at Syndicated Multifamily Investing, and the returns generated and portfolio of properties owned is a testament to that.

The cherry on top when working with Holly is the education aspect available for those who want it. Holly shares her real estate investment knowledge and her personal network freely with her partners.


When she began investing years ago, the returns were exciting, but even more exciting to her were the multitudes of advantages in the tax code for real estate investors. Put simply, the US Tax code is very favorable to real estate investment, and allows for strategies that legally shelter income. It’s this two-pronged approach – earning more and KEEPING MORE that sets Holly and MQ Ventures apart.


Holly does this because she passively invests in every project right along side you, and she believes with all her heart that it’s the safest place to put her money as she nears retirement. Most of all though, she does this because she wishes she had known about passive real estate investing 10 years ago, because she could have helped her parents tremendously. She watched them being forced to take money out from their 401K when the market was down, AND pay taxes, and she watched them die almost broke. No one should have to live the same story.