Real Estate Nerds 75: Best Deals

Nurture Your Investment Network When Raising Capital

Matthew Baltzell

Real Estate Analyst

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In this week’s episode Matthew Baltzell discusses best deal where he lost a $1 million investor in his 138 unit deal in Jacksonville, Florida. Having your network established and having additional investors ready to invest as back-up in case of an investor backing out are two suggestions he makes when it comes to preparing a deal.

Check out the latest episode of the Real Estate Nerds Podcast to hear Matthew break down the steps he took to raise capital at the last minute to close the deal.

Listen now, and learn how you can too.

“You must be able to close when you find a property otherwise you could lose your credibility. .” – Matthew Baltzell

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[00:33] Introduction to the podcast.

[01:00] Matthew discusses getting into the real estate market back in 2008 and how he helped his mother manage about 10 single family homes to create a portfolio. And like most people at the time, they were a little over extended and went belly up so his mother had to liquidate all the properties and get rid of them.

So, fast-forward to June of 2016, I left United States to go travel the world and I wound up in
Thailand and where I fell in love and I met his beautiful wife and they are expecting their first child in January 2020.

He wanted to get into commercial real estate, but he was half way around the world. So he started investing in himself. He started a digital meet-up ground on Bigger Pockets and one thing lead to another and that lead him to his current position as a Real Estate Analyst. He specializes with acquisitions and multifamily units in the Southeastern United States.

[03:14] Matthew discusses how he moved from one area of investing to another. He continues discussing what he learned from 2008. He wanted to get into larger multifamily real estate. Instead of heaving a limited mind set, he started thinking more creatively. He also created a real estate podcast called Real Estate Journey. He’s just continuing the build is brand, investor relations and knowledge.

[04:37] Matthew discusses his 138 unit deal in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a $14 million dollar property and they were using a bridge loan. They had to invest $4.6 million and within 6 weeks he had an investor pull out. He learned to have his network established and have additional investors ready to invest as back-up in case of an investor backing out. The time to raise capital is not when you find a deal. Raising capital should be raised years in advance. You must be able to close when you find a property otherwise you could lose your credibility.

[08:10] How do you know the strength of your network? You must test your network and put feelers out there. You must have an email list and maintain contact with your list. Many times when he is raising capital, the investment is a $50k investment minimum.

[11:01] Matthew wound up closing on the deal and they have started the restabilizing and remodeling efforts. He discusses his investment criteria. They specialize in value at play.

[14:00] Lesson learned. Power of the network. Surround yourself with individuals that are smarter than you, find mentorships and educate.

Listen now, and learn how you can too.

“The time to raise capital is not when you find a deal. Raising capital should be raised years in advance. .” – Matthew Baltzell

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I’m a real estate analyst at Boardwalk Wealth in Dallas, Texas and I host the freshest podcast Real Estate Journeys on iTunes and Stitcher.

Born and raised in Colorado. I graduated from Thee Colorado State University with a degree in Speech Communications.

Prior to the 2008, I helped operate a family portfolio of 10 Single Family homes along with multiple fix and flips.

Today, I’m living the good life in Chiang Mai, Thailand working abroad from my MacBook Pro.

Digital Nomad? Not Exactly.

I embarked on a journey around the world and found my loving wife Bew in Thailand. We fell in love and recently got married in November 2018 and have plans to return to Denver, CO
by the end of 2019.

My current focus is to develop myself as a real estate investor at Boardwalk Wealth and to help pioneer new real estate investors with multi-family apartments and commercial real estate.