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Real Estate Nerd 67 #67   15/07/2018   •   45:25min
Discover What's Being Reported on Your Business Credit with Ty Crandell
Discover What's Being Reported on Your Business Credit with Ty Crandell

For many business owners and individuals access to cash or having enough capital is a common problem for those who want to start up, grow, and generate more returns for their business. If you have limited resources it can be hard to expand without the capital you need. Tyler Crandall let’s us know there is a lot of capital out there if you just know where to find it.

Real Estate Nerds 66 #66   15/07/2018   •   min
Ups & Downs to Section 8 Wealth with Sakar Kawle
Ups & Downs to Section 8 Wealth with Sakar Kawle

On today’s episode of the Real Estate Nerds Podcast, Sakar Kawle busts some of the myths behind Section 8 ventures and debunks the most common misinformation persisting about this population. Sakar dives deep into the Section 8 real estate business model is a great one to get into. Tune in to learn more about Sakar Kawle’s Section 8 strategies. Maybe they’ll become yours, too.

Real Estate Nerds 65 #65   15/07/2018   •   min
You Can't Lose Investing in Real Estate If You Do These 3 Things with Grant Cardone
You Can't Lose Investing in Real Estate If You Do These 3 Things with Grant Cardone

Have you ever wondered if you should hold on to a piece of property or sell it? Grant Cardone explains how he approaches his best deals, and why you should never sell a piece of property that’s cash flowing. Tune in to learn more about how Grant Cardone’s strategy grew his portfolio to one billion dollars...And how you can do the same!

Real Estate Nerds 64 #64   15/07/2018   •   32:43min
Scaling Up Your Investments
Scaling Up Your Investments

Have you ever wondered if a deal was the perfect expansion, or perhaps just a little too much of a stretch to jump into? Matt Faircloth explains how he approached his best deal, which happened to be a stretch for him at the time. Tune in for how Matt made this investment a success that helped him expand and eventually become a syndicator!

Real Estate Nerds 63 #63   15/07/2018   •   30:03min
Defining Investing Goals and Success
Defining Investing Goals and Success

Today on the Real Estate Nerds Podcast Scott Smith talks with John about how he eventually graduated from single investments with his wife into the syndications he operates today. The best deal John highlights was actually found through a broker who he worked with quite often and knew his goals.

When making business decisions that affect your long-term goals, like what types of investments to make with your retirement dollars and which vehicles to use, it really is best to be aware of all of your options. We frequently talk about the Solo 401(k) and Self-Directed IRA as tools for funding your retirement. But what about life insurance? And what about the stock market? What if we told you there is a tool that allows to to reap some benefits of both? It’s called Indexed Universal Life Insurance–and some investors have found it a useful addition to their retirement plans.

What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) plans are a variety of permanent life insurance plan that features a cash-building element. One primary benefit of these plans is that the policy holder gets some of the gains of being associated with the stock market without all of the risk Wall Street is famous for. This is in no small part because of how these policies are designed. IULs earn in part because they are directly linked to a market index, such as the Dow or the S&P 500.  Any gains remain within the policy, albeit a cap rate will limit how much you can make. However, you are protected during a particularly bad year for your index with an IUL. The worst case scenario with these plans is that you make nothing, but you never actually lose money no matter how poorly your index performs. The protection of your principal is actually derived in part from the same cap rate that limits your gains.

How much money do policyholders stand to make? Historically, returns run between 5-9%. The S&P Index has actually returned at 9-11%, but the upside limit on UILs stems from the account’s cap rate. For this reason, many advisors argue that the UIL can make a wise addition to a retirement or estate plan once more traditional and self-directed accounts are maxed out.

Tax Benefits of Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) Plans

There are three key tax benefits of IULs. First, you may pay into the policy with pre-tax or after-tax funds. Withdrawals from the policy may be made tax-free if you are under 59 1/2. Such withdrawals are regarded as loans, with your death benefit serving as collateral. Any funds paid out to the beneficiary are also tax-free, including normal benefits upon your passing. This is true regardless of their value.

Ask the Experts at Royal Legal Solutions About Your Retirement Planning Options

Regardless of where you are in the retirement planning process, Royal Legal Solutions an assist you. We have extensive experience educating investors about self-directed investment options. Many of our investor-clients love our Solo 401k information, product, and compliance services. Our Self-Directed IRA services can also be helpful for retirement planning, as the SDIRA is yet another vehicle that allows you to diversify and take total control of your investments. To determine which of the available retirement planning strategies are best for you, consult with one of our experts at Royal Legal Solutions. You may also contact us with any questions you may have about your options.