Check out all of Scott’s guest appearances:

Dwellynn Show

In this episode, Scott discusses strategies that real estate investors can use to protect their assets from lawsuit while maximizing tax savings.

The Real Estate Locker Room

Scott shares a specific scenario that involves a lawsuit between an investor with an LLC and an investor whose assets were held in their personal name.

Flipping Junkie

Scott explains to the audience why one of the biggest ways to lose money as a real estate investor is holding property in your personal name.

The Investor Empowerment Series

Scott discusses setting up bullet-proof anonymity and asset protection for your real estate investing business.

Save money on taxes


The Apartment Building Investing Podcast

Scott covers lawsuits in the real estate investing space, explaining his ‘if, not when’ approach to protecting yourself as a real estate investor.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Scott explains how investors can set up a Series LLC to protect real estate assets, hide ownership, and not cause a headache at tax time.

Real Estate Investing Mastery

Scott advises that asset protection is the best way to maximize your returns and how land trusts or agent trusts can be used to make yourself judgment-proof.

The Note Closers Show

Scott shares asset protection strategies including the importance of looking at all your assets and separating the ones that could have any liability attached to it.

Lodging Leaders Podcast

In this episode, Scott reveals his top ten strategy of things real estate investors need to know to protect their assets and maximize their tax savings.

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

Scott shares his advice on why you shouldn’t hold property in your personal name, traditional v.s. series LLCs, and more.

Wheelbarrow Profits with Jake and Gino

Scott gives some great advice on how to safeguard your real estate property and all of the benefits of the entities involved.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Scott drops three value bombs in this appearance involving protecting against lawsuits by structuring your assets in a way that uses anonymity.