rafting deeds can be time consuming. Unlike standardized documents, deed requirements are based on the laws of the county in which the property is located. Individual properties must be filed with with the county recorder. As such, this process requires attention to detail.

You can find the necessary documents from your local government website. In order to maintain compliance, you'll need to update your documentation in accordance with any changes to county requirements.

What if you purchased a Series LLC? Or if you want to include an Anonymous Land Trust document with your deed? In that case, check our Property Transfer service. It's the same price and offers more features than a traditional deed.

Royal Legal Solutions provides ease-of-mind and end-to-end service at one low price. In exchange, we'll cover the filing fees and manage your ongoing document compliance. And if the deed for your county requires complex variations, such as the transfer of tax affidavits and exemptions, we'll cover those at no additional cost. The price is the same regardless of the level of complexity, so you never need to worry about hidden fees.

Bulk Discount

Properties Price
1-3 $300 per property
4 or more $250 per property