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Drafting A Deed For Real Estate Investors

All real estate investors will have to deal with deeds eventually. The deed for a piece of property is the instrument that transfers the rights of ownership. A deed requires two parties: a grantor and a grantee. Once a property is deeded to you, you have the right to do whatever you please with it, including selling it. Deeds are often confused with titles, but unlike the title you might have for your car, the document doesn’t stay with the possession forever. A title is a mere interest in a property. It represents a right to use the property, and in fact, multiple people can hold a title. Holding a title alone is rarely a good idea. In real estate, if you own a property in full, you will typically have both the deed and the title.
Drafting deeds that will hold up under legal scrutiny can be time consuming. Unlike standardized documents, deed requirements are based on the laws of the county in which the property is located. As such, this process requires attention to detail. Most investors do not have the formal training to draft a legally enforceable deed. That’s where Royal Legal Solutions can come in to help you ensure your deed is accurate and compliant.

Royal Legal Solutions Can Help You Manage Ongoing Deed Document Compliance

The public confusion between deeds and titles can spell serious trouble for a real estate investor who tries to go it alone and craft their own deeds. Sure, you can find the necessary documents that state compliance requirements from your local government website. But don’t let this tempt you into trying to do it yourself if you have no legal training. In order to maintain compliance, you will need to update your documentation in accordance with any changes to county requirements. For the average investor, this is a whole lot of work that eats into precious time you could be spending hunting for your next great deal. That doesn’t even address that there are entire courses that train legal professionals in how to craft deeds. To get this kind of education and create an effective deed would ultimately cost more than letting one of our experts take care of it.

Above all else, deeds must be compliant with state and local laws to be considered valid. A noncompliant deed is a costly mistake that you will pay for at best. At worst, a poorly-crafted or noncompliant deed is utterly worthless, and can result in major consequences. If your deed is invalid, you actually may not even truly own the property at all. No investor wants to risk losing a five or six figure property over improperly handled paperwork. But it can, and does, happen all the time. That said, this does not have to happen to you. That is exactly what we are here for.
Why Choose Royal Legal Solutions to Create Your Deeds?

We Are Professionals With Years of Experience in Deed Creation and Compliance.

Fortunately, the fate of losing your property over a “do it yourself” or noncompliant deed can be easily avoided. When you need a deed created or recorded, the assistance of a qualified real estate attorney is absolutely essential. You will want a lawyer with an active license who is in good standing with the state Bar. Ideally, your attorney should specialize in real estate matters. While many attorneys can write deeds, a real estate attorney is more likely to be aware of all of the compliance issues and legal nuances that go into creating an effective, legally-binding deed. Our real estate attorneys are investors themselves, and Royal Legal Solutions was founded on the premise of helping investors like you focus on your business while we take care of the technicalities.

Our Clients Pay One Low Price For Full End-To-End Service

Royal Legal Solutions provides peace of mind and complete service at one low price. In exchange for the privilege of letting us serve you, we will cover the filing fees and manage your ongoing document compliance. And if the deed for your county requires complex variations, such as the transfer of tax affidavits and exemptions, we will also cover those at no additional cost to you. Do you have concerns about your local ordinances or difficult nuances regarding your deed? That’s okay. We are all too aware of how deeds can get incredibly complicated, but we are also professionals.

For your convenience, the price we charge for a deed is the same regardless of the level of complexity, so you never need to worry about hidden fees. Other firms tend to offer a price range. Royal Legal Solutions believes in making the lives of our investor clients easier, so we offer a flat fee that you simply pay once.

We Can Accommodate Your Existing Corporate Structure and Assist With Property Transfer.

If you are among the many smart investors who have already purchased the Series LLC, then you are in luck. Royal Legal Solutions also offers a Property Transfer service, which not only ensures legal transfer of the property, but also secures it into your existing LLC or Series LLC structure with an Anonymous Trust for total asset protection. If this applies to you, you can save even more by learning about this service.

Get Help With Your Deed From Royal Legal Solutions Today.

Whether you are purchasing new property or need a deed for any other reason, we can help you. Never waste time that you could be spending running your business on trying to understand the complexities of deeds. Let Royal Legal Solutions’ real estate experts handle every aspect of your deed from drafting to filing to compliance. Contact us today to get the deed you need quickly and painlessly. If you still have questions about our deed services or want more information about improving your real estate business, set up your consultation now.