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The Family Office plan is specifically designed to free your mind from worry, allowing you to focus all your attention on finding that next great deal.

Our firm provides thorough company reviews to ensure other attorneys won’t be able to piece the veil. We maintain strict compliance with Texas State law and combine forces with an experienced CPA to guarantee the highest level of protection. We are real estate investors ourselves, and with our services you are getting the insight from real experts and professionals in the industry.

Silver Membership (Required For All RLS Clients)

Silver members get the following services:

Twice (2x) yearly review of company operations to ensure the “entity” status is maintained (i.e. defense against “piercing the corporate veil”).

Twice (2x) yearly review of your estate plan for any necessary updates (Note: you should update this plan every time you buy or sell a major asset).

Franchise Tax Filing for “no taxes due” required by Texas Comptroller to maintain LLC in good standing.

Ongoing updates to your company filing documents and operating agreement in accordance with changes in Texas law.

Registered Agent Service as required under Texas law to receive notifications from the Secretary of State.

Gold Membership (Legal and Tax Education – Coming Soon!)

Gold members get all the services mentioned above and is for members looking to receive the most concise and comprehensive education on the legal and tax needs of a real estate investor from the perspective of a professional in the area. They gain exclusive, 24/7 access to all videos, articles, webinars, and legal forms.

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