Self Directed IRA Owned Business Trust for Real Estate Investors

The Self Directed IRA-Owned Trust is an IRA Business Trust For Real Estate Investors which gives the IRA owner Checkbook Control

When you establish your Self Directed IRA Business Trust with us, you get comprehensive service that gives you everything you need to get started. The Business Trust for Real Estate Investors includes the fully-prepared trust document, the EIN number, and the Trust bank account set-up. We also manage the interaction with your custodian to ensure that everything is properly established and compliant with all laws and regulations. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Self Directed IRA Business Trust, read on to learn more about its many benefits and how you can start taking advantage of this tool.

IRA Business Trust Benefits

The IRA-owned Business Trust gives you all of the benefits of an Self Directed IRA-owned LLC but without the yearly costs of the LLC. Unlike a Traditional LLC, there is no registered agent, no franchise taxes, and no yearly fees.

IRA Business Trust Costs

The only yearly fee is $250 per year to ensure that your Trust is not making prohibited transactions and that it is maintained in accordance with any changes in the law.

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For your convenience, we have written a free educational resource on prohibited transactions so that you can avoid them–and their accompanying costly penalties.

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Our Series LLC is One-Stop-Shopping for Real Estate Investors

The experts at Royal Legal Solutions are well versed in the investment benefits of the Self Directed IRA Business Trust. We also are intimately familiar with the lengthy list of prohibited transactions, and we use this knowledge to make sure that your account does not engage in them or incur any unnecessary and costly penalties. Many of our clients enjoy the investment freedom offered by the IRA Business Trust. Will you be the next?

Royal Legal Solutions is Your One-Stop Shop for Asset Protection

We offer a full service business structuring of your Self Directed IRA Business Trust for all of your IRA compliance and entity compliance. Sit back and let Royal Legal Solutions ensure that you are going to be on the right side of the law with your IRA Company and investments. If you are ready to get started, contact us about forming your Self Directed IRA Business Trust today.

What Are the other Benefits of a Self Directed IRA-Owned Business Trust for Real Estate Investments & Assets?

Many of our clients have enjoyed the benefits of the Self Directed IRA Business Trust for its flexibility and confidentiality, among other things. Some of the most popular perks include the following:

Financial Freedom

The ability to make nontraditional investments makes theSelf Directed IRA Business Trust a hit with investors. Instead of being restricted to the products offered by a particular financial institution, you have the ability to invest in what you understand. While there are certain items you cannot invest in, the degree of control and potential for diversity make this option appealing to investors.

Time Savings

When you don’t have to wait for the approval of custodian, transactions are quicker and therefore easier.

Asset Protection

The IRA owns the entity, but you manage it. These accounts are safer from lawsuits than investments made in your own name.


You do not have to place your name on any type of public record as the owner of an IRA Business Trust. Your confidentiality remains intact. Keeping your name off of public records helps protect you from both lawsuits and opportunistic identity thieves.

Exemption from the Registered Agent Requirements

Unlike an LLC, you do not need a Registered Agent for an Self DirectedIRA Business Trust. This means you also do not have to pay the fees typically associated with hiring a Registered Agent.

No Federal Tax Returns Required

IRA Business Trusts are “disregarded entities” for federal income tax purposes.

Exemption from Franchise Taxes

The Franchise Tax that is regularly imposed on LLCs by states such as California does not apply to the IRA Business Trust.

You can enjoy all of these benefits easily. Royal Legal Solutions makes accessing and using your Self Directed IRA Business Trust simple. We specialize in ensuring that the Business Trust formation and management is compliant with the IRS’s regulations. Additionally, we have already formed good business relationships with almost every custodian (uDirect, NuView, Kingdom Trust, etc.) to ensure a smooth process. We also have banking and other contacts in place for you to set up the Business Trust, establish, and fund your new company all without ever leaving your home. Royal Legal Solutions does the heavy lifting while you focus on your investments.

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