IRA Owned Trust

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The IRA Owned Trust is a Business Trust which gives the IRA owner Checkbook Control. The Business Trust includes the fully-prepared trust document, the EIN number, and the Trust bank account setup. We also manage the interaction with your custodian to ensure that everything is properly set up.

The IRA-owned Business Trust gives you all of the benefits of an IRA owned LLC but without the yearly costs of the LLC (there is no registered agent, no franchise taxes, and no yearly fee). The only yearly fee is $100 per year to ensure that your Trust is not making prohibited transactions and that it is maintained in accordance with any changes in the law.

We specialize in ensuring that the Business Trust formation and management is compliant with IRS, and we also have relationships with almost every custodian (uDirect, NuView, Kingdom Trust, etc.) to ensure a smooth process. We also have banking and other contacts in place for you to set up the Business Trust, establish and fund your new company all without ever leaving your home.

We offer a full service for all of your IRA compliance and entity compliance to ensure that you are going to be on the right side of the law with your IRA Company and investments.

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