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Property Transfer For Real Estate Investors

Our property transfer service helps clients move their investment properties into new corporate structures.  Whether you have property you need to get out of your personal name, are acquiring a new property, or wish to transfer a current real estate asset to a business partner or friend, our property transfer service can help you.  Our property transfer package includes three related services:

Of course, you could order any of these services individually. However, Royal Legal Solutions offers them as a package deal to save your hard-earned money as we construct the most powerful asset protection plan possible. Many of our clients also appreciate the convenience of transferring property with us. When you use the three services we offer in the package together, you can rest easy knowing that the asset is secured from unnecessary liability.

Who Should Use Our Property Transfer Service and Why?

This service is designed for those who already own a Series LLC or plan to buy one. For your Series LLC to give you the most protection possible, you must have a properly drafted deed that is properly transferred into the Series LLC structure. For a property to be incorporated into that structure, you will need an accurately drafted and legally binding Series Document. These two things alone give you a strong basis for your asset protection plan, but for even more powerful lawsuit prevention, we use Anonymous Land Trusts to even further disguise your ownership of the Series LLC.

Savvy investors can pair the Anonymous Land Trust with the Series LLC to achieve total anonymity and superior asset protection. To learn many more details about how these structures combine to make you nearly impossible to sue, check out our free educational resource on how the Series LLC and Anonymous Land Trust prevent lawsuits.

The short version is that these structures separate your assets and preserve your anonymity. When used together, you become a serious pain in the ass to sue. Not only will it be nearly impossible to prove you own your investments, but you will also appear to be personally much poorer than you actually are. Attorneys don’t like to waste time investigating whether you’re rich enough to make a civil case worth their while. They also don’t have many legal options for defeating a sound asset protection strategy. Essentially, using this plan makes you way more trouble than you are literally worth. A small investment now could save everything you own later. Royal Legal Solutions regularly uses this strategy to help investors protect what is rightfully theirs. In our experience, the Anonymous Land Trust and Series LLC combination stop lawsuits before they even start.

What if I Don’t Already Have a Series LLC?

You can still take advantage of the property transfer services we offer. But, you will have to do things a little bit differently. Many clients prefer to purchase their Series LLC first, then execute the transfer. Another option is to explore our Life Squared Total Asset Protection Package, which comes with a Series LLC at a reduced cost.

Why Should You Choose Royal Legal Solutions for Your Property Transfer?

Of course, you have your choice about where you choose to create any of the documents you need for an effective property transfer. We strongly recommend against attempting to draft such items yourself. Despite the fact that you can find templates for such documents online, we find that these “free” options are rarely truly “free.” You may end up paying a great deal for cutting corners on your documents. Consequences for doing this can range from fines to losing your asset protection coverage, and in some cases, never even owning your property in the first place. Unless you happen to be both an extroardinarily experienced CPA and a licensed real estate attorney, it is unlikely that you will know all of the legal, financial, and technical requirements for creating effective and legally-binding documents and entities. Don’t take that chance. Royal Legal Solutions is here to help investors like you.

At other firms, you may find yourself having to order each of the services we provide in our property transfer package “a la carte.” The land trust alone averages $500 elsewhere. At Royal Legal Solutions, we will set yours up for a much more competitive rate. The costs you will incur plummet even further when you take into account the savings you receive from the Property Transfer bundle.

At Royal Legal Solutions, we make it our mission to share the asset protection strategies long known by the wealthy. After all, well-employed asset protection strategies are just one reason that the “rich get richer.” But you don’t have to be exquisitely rich to protect your assets like those who are. We’re here to serve everyone, and believe all investors deserve access to high quality asset protection strategies. This is why we’ve made this package both affordable and convenient. Whether you’re brand new to real estate investing or a seasoned investor with the portfolio to match, we can handle the paperwork and answer any questions you may have. Contact the experts at Royal Legal Solutions today. Let us handle the paperwork, while you get back to you doing what you truly excel at: running and growing your real estate business.

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Why Use Royal Legal Solutions
for a Real Estate Investment Asset Protection?

We have experience in setting up the proper asset protection and making it easy for an investor to use. Our system simplifies management structure as much as possible, and we also use common sense to ensure your needs are met.

For example, just one tip we give our clients is that you don’t need multiple bank accounts as long as you have accurate accounting records. For taxation, they should stay exactly how they are now while being reported on a Schedule E of your personal return (if you’re an individual/married partners) or a partnership return (if unmarried partners).

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