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Royal Protection Plan

This may seem like a strange question, but play along. Think of all of your real estate investments. Your entire portfolio. Consider all of the hours you have spent making purchases, renovations, collecting rent, and hiring people to help you. Is all of that worth the price of a cup of coffee? As in, would you pay the equivalent of a daily latte to safeguard your growing real estate empire?

The startling truth is that all it takes is one disgruntled individual, one simple misunderstanding to set a lawsuit in motion that could cost you everything. If a judge decides against you, everything you’ve worked for could be gone in a single signature. The good news is that Royal Legal Solutions can prevent this nightmare from becoming your reality. Our Royal Protection Plan is a complete asset protection plan that uses every tool at our disposal to make you and your properties judgment-proof.

We are Royal Legal Solutions. We are the people who are going to save your assets. Here’s how.

Royal Protection Plan Asset Protection Package

Subscribers to the Royal Protection Plan Asset Protection Package get the best asset protection system that money can buy. This all-inclusive service includes everything you need to protect your hard-earned real estate investments from even the most relentless individuals after them.

When you subscribe to the Royal Protection Plan, you get:

  • A Series LLC Structure with Anonymous Trusts.
  • Comprehensive protection for every single property you own. We place no upper limit on the number of properties. In theory, you could own your own island or begin to colonize a neighboring planet and still be completely covered.
  • The Family Office Plan. This service includes regular Asset Protection Check-Ups, Franchise Tax Filing, Ongoing Corporate Compliance, and Registered Agent Services.
  • A discounted estate plan with twice yearly estate planning check-ups.

Series LLC Structure With Anonymous Trusts

The Series LLC is an innovative legal structure that allows you to totally separate your assets and grow your business indefinitely. It uses a parent-child structure to shelter each property you own into its own Series, which functions like a miniature LLC. With the Series LLC, you can scale up your business quickly and easily, all while enjoying additional benefits such as pass-through taxation.

When you combine a Series LLC with an Anonymous Trust, you are able to own property completely anonymously. This makes you incredibly difficult to sue, and generally not worth the time for the opposing lawyers. Subscribers to the Royal Protection Plan Asset Protection package receive a Series LLC with as many Series and Anonymous Trusts as they need to effectively protect all of their properties. You can own two properties, 200, or even 20,000. Our asset protection system will work exactly the same, regardless of how many assets you acquire. Take a look at the image below for a visual, or learn more about the Series LLC with Anonymous Trusts.

The Family Office Plan

The Family Office plan is specifically designed to free your mind from worry, allowing you to focus all your attention on finding that next great deal. Our firm provides thorough company reviews to ensure other attorneys won’t be able to pierce the corporate veil that defends your assets. We maintain strict compliance with Texas state law and combine forces with experienced CPAs to guarantee the highest level of protection. We are real estate investors ourselves, and with our services you are getting the insight from real experts and professionals in the industry.

Royal Protection Plan subscribers receive the Family Office Plan as part of their total asset protection package.

The Family Office Plan includes:

  • Asset Protection Check-Up Twice Yearly.

Our experts will review your plan twice annually to ensure your business entity is current and effectively protecting your investments.

  • Estate Plan Check-up Twice Yearly.

Our attorneys will make any necessary updates to your estate plan, which includes updating the plan to account for any new major assets. We always advise our clients to update their estate plans any time they acquire or sell a new property or other asset.

  • Franchise Tax Filing.

The Texas Comptroller requires all LLCs to file for “no taxes due” to remain compliant with state law.
Ongoing Corporate Compliance Services. These services include updating documents such as your Operating Agreement to meet legal requirements. We carefully track any changes in state law to ensure your company’s compliance.

  • Registered Agent Services.

Clients from all over North America use Royal Legal Solutions as their Registered Agent. The law requires all out-of-state LLC owners to have a Registered Agent. This Agent is responsible for all legal correspondence related to your business. As attorneys, we are familiar with the requirements and ready to serve you.

  • Customized and Discounted Estate Plan

Everyone needs an estate plan, but real estate investors have special concerns when it comes to how their businesses will carry on after their passing. With a little bit of planning and Royal Legal Solutions on your team, your real estate business can outlive you. We use living trusts and pour-over wills to ensure that your assets seamlessly pass on to your designated heirs, rather than getting hung up in probate court, or even worse, going directly to the state.

Many of our clients purchase our estate plans, but Royal Protection Plan subscribers receive theirs at a significant discount. For more details on how we serve your needs as a real estate investor, learn more about our estate planning services.

Never Worry About Lawsuits Again With Royal Legal Solutions By Your Side

With the Royal Protection Plan Asset Protection Package, you and your investments are defended against lawsuits for the rest of your life, and even beyond. Royal Legal Solutions is one of the few firms that specializes in asset protection in this country, and this is our top tier of service. If you have a question about any of the services included in your Royal Protection Plan Asset Protection Package, contact us today.

If you want to sleep soundly at night knowing you’re defended by the best in the business, the solution is simple. Schedule your personalized asset protection consultation today.

Contact us for a consultation on this product in your asset protection plan.

Why Use Royal Legal Solutions
for a Real Estate Investment Asset Protection?

We have experience in setting up the proper asset protection and making it easy for an investor to use. Our system simplifies management structure as much as possible, and we also use common sense to ensure your needs are met.

For example, just one tip we give our clients is that you don’t need multiple bank accounts as long as you have accurate accounting records. For taxation, they should stay exactly how they are now while being reported on a Schedule E of your personal return (if you’re an individual/married partners) or a partnership return (if unmarried partners).

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