Royal Protection Plan

Lifelong security, unbeatable convenience. Learn what it feels like to get the Royal treatment.

When you choose our complete Royal Protection System, you get all of the key components to protect your wealth throughout your lifetime. We’ll also build your lasting legacy, ensuring your wealth stays protected by passing assets to your heirs as part of your estate plan.

And that’s not all: These features will save you money on taxes along the way.

Who needs the Royal Protection Plan?

The shocking truth is that all it takes is one disgruntled individual or one simple misunderstanding to set in motion a lawsuit that could cost you everything. If a judge decides against you, everything you’ve worked for could be gone in a single signature.

How can I ensure I'm protected?

The good news is that Royal Legal Solutions can prevent this nightmare from becoming your reality. Our Royal Protection Plan is a complete asset protection plan that uses every tool at our disposal to make you and your properties judgment-proof.

What kind of protection is provided?

Subscribers to the Royal Protection Plan Asset Protection Package get the best asset protection system that money can buy. This all-inclusive service includes everything you need to protect your hard-earned real estate investments from even the most relentless would-be litigants.

When you subscribe to the Royal Protection Plan, you get a Series LLC Structure with Anonymous Trusts and the Family Office Plan

Your Plan, Your Way: Customizing Your Strategy

The above features are included in all of our packages, and make up the Basic Royal Protection Plan. But what if you want to save more, or have additional properties to handle? Never fear, we have anticipated the diverse needs of our investor clients.

You can easily beef up your Royal Protection Plan to have everything taken care of by the pros. Our experts can also customize your package to your unique needs and wishes. We are happy to do whatever it takes to serve you.

Royal Protection Value Package

The Value Package is our most popular offering. Investors who take advantage of this offering get the asset protection essentials included in the Basic package: the Royal Series LLC, Traditional LLC, and the option for discounted Family Office Plan. But that’s just the beginning.

The special features of the Royal Protection Value Package include two property transfers and one of Royal Legal Solutions’ estate plans for real estate investors. This plan is a great option for investors with more than one property who would like the added security of an estate plan. Our advisors can customize your estate plan to your needs.

But if you want the best of the best, the most comprehensive strategy with the most tools for you to exploit for even more protection and savings, you’re cheating yourself if you don’t take a look at our Premium Package.

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Royal Protection Plan Features

The Royal Series LLC

Our Royal Series LLC is our incredibly reliable, ever-popular Series LLC offering, but with even greater protections. This entity includes Anonymous Trusts to strengthen the protections offered by the Series LLC’s compartmentalization with a layer of anonymity.

The Traditional LLC

Our traditional LLC makes an excellent shell corporation for your asset protection structure. While your assets sit safely within the Royal Series LLC, this company will do business with the public but never own a thing. This pairing is an easy-to-use, effective way to separate your operations, and their liabilities, from your hard-earned assets.

Property Transfer Options

All Royal Protection Plans come with at least one property transfer included, with options for additional support. Property transfers are among our most popular services, and executing these transfers into your new Royal Series LLC structure properly is imperative. We eliminate the guesswork. While you can purchase our property transfer services on their own, our Royal Protection Plan subscribers love watching the hundreds of dollars in savings pile up compared to those who buy a la carte.

Many of our clients purchase our estate plans, but Royal Protection Plan subscribers receive theirs at a significant discount.

Discounted Family Office Plan

Family Office subscribers get access to unlimited support surrounding their asset protection plans from the experts at Royal Legal Solutions. This subscription service is sold separately, but Royal Protection Plan owners can get the Family Office Subscription at a reduced price. For the most current information on how low we can go for you, speak to your asset protection advisor.

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Royal Protection Premium Package: The Best Deal

The Premium Package includes everything you need for a rock-solid asset protection, retirement, and estate plan. These tools work together to save your wealth, minimize taxes, and allow your business to outlive you. This package is also the best deal that you can get in terms of savings of all of the Royal Protection Plans.

Our Premium members get everything included in the Starter and Value Packages: the Royal Series LLC, Traditional LLC, discounted Family Office subscription opportunity, and Estate Plan. But on top of that, your Premium Royal Protection Plan includes three property transfers and a Solo 401(k). With these tools, you’re not only incredibly well-defended from potential lawsuits. You have the ability to expand and diversify your investment portfolio and save for retirement.

The Solo 401(k) is an incredibly versatile tool is a self-directed retirement vehicle, and you can even invest your retirement dollars in real estate and a host of other non-traditional assets. We’ve yet to hear an investor regret breaking free from Wall Street and the confines of custodians. If you’re not yet familiar with the many ways use the Solo 401(k), check out our educational resources on the self-directed 401(k)’s benefits for real estate investors.

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