Series LLC for Real Estate Investors

Create an infinite number of LLCs for the price of one.

The Series LLC uses a “parent-child” structure. After the “parent” Series LLC is filed (we suggest filing in Texas), you’ll create individual “child” LLCs without any additional filing.

This separation minimizes your liability. That’s why this structure is ideal for investors with multiple properties or types of assets.

How does the Series LLC protect my assets?

The Series LLC allows you to efficiently and affordably protect your assets from liability by isolating them into their own “box.” Without the Series LLC you would have to pay to establish individual LLCs for every asset.

How can I minimize my losses in a critical case?

If a lawsuit is filed, the Series LLC business structure reduces your losses to the lowest possible dollar amount. Only one of your assets will be at risk—not all of them.

Why would I need anonymity?

When people think that you or your company don’t own anything, they won’t be motivated to sue you. This is how anonymity stops lawsuits before they even start. The best protection is achieved by shielding yourself from becoming a target. 

Use Royal Legal Solutions
for a Real Estate Investment Series LLC

Our Series LLC is One-Stop-Shopping for Real Estate Investors

We set up everything for you for one flat fee. To form the Series LLC for real estate investors, a special Certificate of Formation is prepared and filed with the Secretary of State, an Operating Agreement is drafted and executed, a tax identification number for the LLC is obtained from the IRS (also known as an Employer Identification Number) and our team will provide instructions on setting up a bank account.

An individual or other legal entity is listed as the owner or the manager of record listed on the public filing documents. If anonymity is desired, that can be accomplished as well by using a trust for real estate investments.

Why Use Royal Legal To Set Up Your Series LLC?

We have experience in setting up the Series LLC and making it easy for an investor to use. Our system simplifies management structure as much as possible, and we also use common sense to ensure your needs are met.

For example, just one tip we give our clients is that you don’t need multiple bank accounts as long as you have accurate accounting records. For taxation, they should stay exactly how they are now while being reported on a Schedule E of your personal return (if you’re an individual/married partners) or a partnership return (if unmarried partners).

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Series LLC Anonymity is very important

Series LLC with Anonymity

The Series LLC allows real estate investors to essentially create an infinite number of LLCs at no additional cost. To accomplish anonymity, we form a separate trust, which is listed on the governmental documents as the manager of the LLC. This way, if anyone searches for your name on the Secretary of State website for what companies you own or even who owns your company, they will not find your name anywhere.

And you already know that: Anonymity stops a lawsuit before it ever starts.

How can we offer anonymity at lower prices?

We use a trust, which has no filing fees, yearly fees, or other ongoing fees.

We set up everything for you for one flat fee. We will also form the necessary Trust prior to the filing of the Series LLC.

We have unique experience in setting up the Series LLC with anonymity and making it both easy to use and as painless for tax purposes as possible. There are various opinions on how complex the management structure needs to be, and our system simplifies this as much as possible.


One of our most popular products because you can essentially create an infinite number of LLCs for the price of one.

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