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Asset Protection

In our increasingly litigious society, asset protection is critical for investors and other business professionals. Our practice specializes in asset protection, meaning we offer a variety of strategies and legal tools to ensure you won’t be dragged into court and risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for.

At Royal Legal Solutions, we customize your asset protection plan to your individual needs. Since most of our clients are real estate investors, we offer a variety of services specific to investing. No matter your reason for needing asset protection, you can count on Royal Legal Solutions to use the tried-and-true methods that stop lawsuits before they even start.

Learn more about our specific services below, or schedule your personalized asset protection consultation now. We will work with you by assessing your personal situation, including the laws particular to your location. Our clients come from all over North America. Regardless of where you are, we know the plans and strategies that will work for you. Partner with Royal Legal Solutions to make your assets truly judgment-proof.


We offer consulting services for issues relevant to all of our practice areas. If you need assistance with a particular document, contract, or business matter unrelated to company formation, we have you covered.

Our hourly consulting services are also available for asset protection, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax services. If you’re unsure about what you need, contact us to set up your consultation now. We’ll get you the help you need.


Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are popular tools for new investors and veterans alike. These agreements allow investors with a shared property interest to pool money and other resources. Whether you want to embark on a transaction with clear limits or use a joint venture agreement as the basis for an LLC, we can help you. JVs are only as successful as the agreement documents themselves. Let us make sure your joint venture agreement is representing your needs and best interests.

Limited Partnership

Limited Partnerships (LPs) have a variety of practical uses for the real estate investor. We especially recommend this type of agreement for our Canadian clients, who don’t receive the same protections from an LLC that their stateside counterparts do. Let us handle the Partnership Agreement and other paperwork to get your LP started on the right track.

Property Transfer

Our property transfer service helps clients move existing properties into new corporate structures. So if you have a Series LLC, or would like to move properties into an  Anonymous Land Trust , you’re in luck. We offer both of these services as a package, keeping your costs low and your assets protected.


Deeds are the bread and butter of your real estate business. But despite how common these documents are, they are actually more complex than most people realize. The legal requirements for deeds are established by the county they are issued in. Our attorneys take the time to ensure that your deed is drafted properly and compliant with relevant local laws.

LLCs and Other Company Structures

Royal Legal Solutions proudly offers full-service entity formation and management. This means, if you’re ready to start a company for any reason, we’ve got your back. Our attorneys and other experts will establish your company and handle all of the paperwork so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

We also will show you how to manage your new company, and how to handle taxation. Some of our most popular company structures are listed below.

Series LLC

The Series LLC, or SLLC, is an increasingly popular entity. It offers the exact same protections as a Traditional LLC, but also has a host of additional operational, legal, and tax benefits. In fact, we believe it is a superior entity for most real estate investors. Some of its benefits include:

  • Anonymity and Asset Protection. The Series LLC keeps your personal name off of your property. It can be combined with an Anonymous Trust to create a top-notch asset protection strategy.
  • Ability to form multiple LLCs for the cost of one.
  • Tax Benefits. The Series LLC is a pass-through entity. Reporting taxes with the Series LLC is simple: just fill out the “Schedule E” portion on your personal tax return. Not only is reporting your taxes with the Series LLC simple, but you will also save by avoiding the onerous Franchise Tax that many states impose on Traditional LLCs.

To learn more about the Series LLC, see our educational pieces on how the Series LLC works and the benefits of the Series LLC for more details.

Traditional LLC

The Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC, is a tried-and-true entity. It is among the most popular corporate structures with real estate investors. LLCs are simple to form and manage. They also confer asset protection benefits. Real estate investors should never own property in their own names. To do so is to leave yourself vulnerable to unnecessary and expensive lawsuits.

Assignment of Interest

If you’re looking to transfer the ownership of your LLC or other type of company, this is the service for you. Ensure your transfer is valid and compliant with the law by letting us handle it.

Series Document

The Series Document is a vital aspect of a properly-run Series LLC. For your Series LLC to offer the most protection possible, each “child” Series must have a valid Series document. If you own or plan to buy a Series LLC, it’s well worth it to be sure that your Series Documents are properly drafted and filed.

Estate Planning

Maybe you’re uncertain about whether you really need an estate plan. The reality is that if you’re reading this, you do. All living people should really have an estate plan, but real estate investors have additional concerns regarding their properties and other investment assets. As both investors and attorneys, we are sensitive to these needs. Our estate planning services use living trusts and pour-over wills to give you total control over your future estate. These tools give you the discretion to make your wishes clear, and will also keep your family from ending up in probate court.

The old expression about money and investments is true: you can’t take them with you. When you plan your estate with Royal Legal Solutions, you’ll get comprehensive services along with the peace of mind of knowing your wishes will be carried out.  

Retirement Services and Counseling

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Whether you’ve just entered the working world, or are trying to maximize your retirement funding while you still can, we can help you. Some of the retirement accounts we regularly work with include:

  • 401ks, including the Traditional 401k, Self-Employed 401k, and more
  • IRAs, including the Traditional IRA, Self-Directed IRA, and more
  • Roth IRA, Self-Directed Roth IRA, and Roth IRA LLC

The retirement options that are best for you will depend on the type of work you do, your income, and your tax situation. For a personalized assessment of your retirement needs, set up your retirement consultation now.

Tax Services and Counseling

Royal Legal Solutions’ attorneys are intimately familiar with the tax needs of real estate investors. We also partner with qualified CPAs with years of experience in helping investors manage their tax concerns. If you have a specific tax issue that you need our advice on, set up your tax consultation today.


Anonymous Land Trust

Anonymous Land Trusts are one of the most effective ways to anonymously own property. Investors frequently use them for a variety of reasons, but they are most popular for their ability to derail potential lawsuits before they are even filed. Anonymous trusts are frequently used in conjunction with an entity structure, such as the Series LLC. Together, these tools lay a solid foundation for your asset protection strategy.

Delaware Statutory Trust

Delaware Statutory Trusts offer an anonymous method for owning real estate assets. We especially recommend that clients in California familiarize themselves with this product for its asset protection and operational benefits. The DST is the ideal product for the California investor who wants the peace of mind that only total asset protection can give.

IRA-Owned Business Trusts

If you want to invest your IRA funds in a variety of methods and save on LLC fees, the IRA Business Trust may be for you. Join the ranks of investors who take advantage of this tool for Checkbook Control and the freedom to make whatever investments you believe are best. We assist with every step of the process, from formation to compliance. Let us worry about the paperwork while you save and plan for your golden years.

Package Deals and Discounts

To better serve you, we offer a set of package deals for some of our most commonly-requested services. Take a look at our current options below.

Consultation Discount

If you’re new to asset protection, we’re here to help you get started. New asset protection clients are eligible for a $150 consultation with our founder and lead attorney, Scott Smith. Learn more about setting up your consultation now.

Family Office Plan

Busy investors love our Family Office Plan. This package includes even more benefits than a typical company set-up and frees up your time to focus on your investments.

When you choose the Family Office Plan, you get:

  • Comprehensive corporate compliance services. This includes a twice-yearly review of your entity’s status to ensure you’re getting the best defense against lawsuits possible.
  • Franchise Tax filing.
  • Reviews of your estate plan twice yearly.
  • Automatic and regular updates to your corporate documents to ensure compliance with state and federal law.
  • Registered Agent Services. Royal Legal Solutions will serve as your Registered Agent, so you don’t need to spend extra time or money hunting down or paying another party.