Avoid Taxes (Legally)a webinar for real estate investors

Fast-track your investment career with the power of tax sheltering through the Solo 401(K)


What you’ll learn in this FREE webinar:

Maximize Your Control

Do you want more control over how you invest your retirement money? The Solo 401(K) gives you the power to direct your retirement investments from start to finish.

Leverage Your Money

Are you interested in generating an extra 30% on your investments? Not only is this possible, it’s easy and legal to do simply by utilizing a few tax sheltering techniques.

Accelerate Your Investments

Do you want to utilize more of your money? Then take advantage of the Solo 401(K)’s high contribution limit and take deductions on both your business and personal taxes.

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Meet the webinar host, Scott Smith

As the founder of Royal Legal Solutions, Scott Royal Smith, is an asset protection attorney and long time real estate investor in every asset class in 10+ states at any given time. Scott’s background in litigation uniquely provides insights into how to best use the law for your maximum legal advantage while streamlining your operations, taxes, and compliance. Your life gets easier the more protected you get.