Asset Protection: Insurance or Something More?

When it comes to asset protection, insurance companies are basically a criminal business.

They collect premiums, then deny coverage when you need them to cover something they should cover. If you have a big claim, you'll have to sue the insurance company just to get them to pay.

As an investor, you shouldn't have to rely on insurance for asset protection. Sure, your policy will cover the slip and fall accident that happened on your rental property's front porch because it was a little icy outside.

But what about when your tenant falls through a staircase and ends up permanently disabled? All of a sudden the insurance company will say "this is a case of gross negligence outside of your policy. You can sue us and spend thousands of dollars against our millions of dollars and hope that someday, maybe, we'll eventually pay you something."

Good luck with that.

To protect your assets as a real estate investor, you need to understand asset protection basics, then you need to come up with a custom asset protection plan. You need to understand land trusts and limited liability.