The Basics of Creating a Series LLC

When it comes to creating your own business or even forming one that already exists and putting it under your name, there are a few things you need to know.

You may want to form your business under an LLC or a Series LLC. An LLC stands for Limited Liability Corporation and it is slightly different from a Series LLC. The only difference between the two LLCs is that a Series LLC is protection for multiple LLCs. (Note: A Series LLC is sometimes called an SLLC.)

When forming a series LLC, the first thing you need to do in most states is to register with the Secretary of the State you are in. This filing will cost you a fee. However, there is much more to it than that. Read on!

Things You Need to Get Your Series LLC Started

Although not all states accept Series LLCs, those that do accept them require a few things before you get started:

One other thing you must do when forming a Series LLC is to make it clear that you are creating a Series LLC. However, it does differ from each state when registering and whether or not you have to notify them that you are filing for a Series LLC. In certain states like Utah, Texas, Delaware, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, it is a requirement that you notify officials that you are creating a Series LLC with seperate rights on each one. However, how much detail you do have to provide for it will depend on the state you are filing for one in.

Once all of your documents are filed on your LLC, you are officially in business.