Becoming Judgment-Proof Against Litigation


Becoming Judgment-Proof Against Litigation

Becoming Judgement-proof may sound strange, but as a real estate investor you are in one of the most litigated industries in the United States of America. The United states is one of the most litigious countries in the world. You are exposed, especially if you hold assets in your personal name.

Hi, my name is Scott Smith, and I'm an asset protection attorney in the real estate industry, and I'm a real estate investor myself. What I do for my clients is make them judgement proof. That means if anybody were to sue you, they'd get nothing. This is the peace of mind that you can't get any other way when you're ever threatened with a lawsuit.

You might not know this, but a lawsuit is ranked one of the top three things that people find the most distressing events in their life, up there with divorce and bankruptcy. I can help you prevent from ever having that worry, and I do this in the same way that the really rich do it.

Using LLCs to Become Judgement-Proof

The truth is that the rich don't own assets, they only control them. They do this through a network of LLCs and trusts, which protect their assets and allow them to hide them from anybody looking to come after them.

Now imagine the disappointment of anybody looking to sue you when they find out that it looks like on paper you don't own anything. In fact, it would look like you would even qualify for food stamps. Who'd sue somebody that looks like they own nothing?

I can help you set this up, my name is Scott Smith, I'm with Royal Legal Solutions, contact us today and let's get going.