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Benefits Of LLC For Rental Property Ownership

As a rental property owner you are quite accustomed to solving many different kinds of problems! Ensuring you are protected in case something goes wrong is one of the problems. This is where many owners will say, “I have insurance, so I am protected if something bad...

Why Using A LLC For Asset Protection Benefits You

If you are a real estate investor chances are that you have already heard about using a LLC (Limited Liability Company) for asset protection. Creating a LLC takes some time and money. Because of this it turns a lot of investors away from the entity. Allow me to make a...

The Importance of Anonymity for Your LLC

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) has more than fairly earned its reputation as an excellent foundation for asset protection. But even the trusty LLC isn’t the be-all and end-all of your asset protection strategy. LLC anonymity is another piece of the puzzle. True,...

Solo 401k: Understanding The How, Why & The Basics

The self-directed 401(k), affectionately known as the Solo 401(k) or Solo-K, is an impressive vehicle for both asset protection and saving for retirement. If you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or anyone with an independent contractor or self-employment gig like Uber...

Solo 401k: The FAQs

The Solo 401(k) can certainly stir up some confusing. In fact, the whole world of self-directed investing can. So in the interest if saving your precious time, and helping you maximize every single one of your retirement dollars, we’re collecting our FAQs about the...