Benefits Of LLC For Rental Property Ownership

As a rental property owner you are accustomed to solving many different kinds of problems. Ensuring you are protected in case something goes wrong is one of the problems. So we’re going to talk about the benefits of having a limited liability company (LLC) for rental property investing. This i... Read More.

Benefits of Forming an LLC (And A Few Risks)

By reading this article you are either a real estate investor or an aspiring real estate investor. You have surely talked with people discussing LLCs (Limited Liability Companies.) One of the struggles investors run into is finding reliable information that they can trust. Learning about the benefit... Read More.

Why Using A LLC For Asset Protection Benefits You

If you are a real estate investor chances are that you have already heard about using a LLC (Limited Liability Company) for asset protection. Creating a LLC takes some time and money. Because of this it turns a lot of investors away from the entity. Allow me to make a case for the benefits this Read More.

How to Protect Yourself as a Real Estate Money Partner

One of the more elegant features of the real estate world is the way the whole ecosystem encourages symbiosis. Investors often are stronger together, especially in the face of an obstacle. For most investors, start-up capital or even cash flow to expand will become issues at some point in an REI car... Read More.

5 Strategies For Protecting The Equity in Your Personal Residence

Equity stripping is something of a varsity-level real estate move, but it’s also an asset protection classic for a reason. The whole idea is to make your property look extremely undesirable on paper, even if it’s a beautiful and pricey asset to behold. Today, we’ll be talking specifically abou... Read More.

The Importance of Anonymity for Your LLC

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) has more than fairly earned its reputation as an excellent foundation for asset protection. But even the trusty LLC isn’t the be-all and end-all of your asset protection strategy. LLC anonymity is another piece of the puzzle. True, LLCs and Series LLCs make wond... Read More.

Solo 401(k): What To Know About Your Eligibility, Rules & Regulations

The solo 401(k) or self-directed 401(k)—or what the IRS calls a one-participant 401(k)—is an increasingly popular way to save for retirement, diversify retirement assets, and protect them from creditors. Fortunately for us savvy savers, the rules about eligibility and what you can do with your a... Read More.

Solo 401k: Understanding The How, Why & The Basics

The self-directed 401(k), affectionately known as the Solo 401(k) or Solo-K, is an impressive vehicle for both asset protection and saving for retirement. If you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or anyone with an independent contractor or self-employment gig like Uber driving or your own business, yo... Read More.

Solo 401k: The FAQs

The Solo 401(k) can certainly stir up some confusing. In fact, the whole world of self-directed investing can. So in the interest if saving your precious time, and helping you maximize every single one of your retirement dollars, we’re collecting our FAQs about the plan to answer more of your ques... Read More.

Investors Love The Solo 401k: Here’s Why

The self-directed, or solo 401(k)—or what the IRS calls a one-participant 401(k)—isn’t all that different from a “regular” 401(k) on paper. Its name actually derives from the fact that it is a “one participant” retirement plan. But solo 401(k)s offer a whole new level of fr... Read More.

Using Corporations to Manage Real Estate LLCs: The REI’s Basic Guide

It’s important to set up your real estate LLCs the right way. Improperly established, noncompliant or mismanaged LLCs are pointless at best and costly at worst. Your entire asset protection can be undermined by one poorly structured or managed entity, because the entity is such a crucial piece of ... Read More.

How the SECURE Act Weakens 401(k) Protections (& What You Can Do)

It’s hard to deny that one in five Americans not having put a single cent towards retirement is a social problem. But the policy solution Congress is enacting to address this issue may affect your 401(k). As investors, we love the 401(k), the 1978 amendment in the Tax Code that quickly became one ... Read More.

Selecting the Appropriate Entity for Flipping Real Estate

Flipping is just different than other investing strategies. In terms of both the financial aspects and legalities of running this type of business, there are a few things flippers should know about organizing and defending their real estate portfolios. Chief among the things every flipper should und... Read More.

Tax Scams To Be Wary Of: The Dirty Dozen List, (7-12)

Thanks for joining us again as we finish our little explainer on the “Dirty Dozen” tax scams you need to watch out for this year. Every year, the IRS releases a “watchdog” style document that lawyers,  investors, and even the Taxmen themselves call the Dirty Dozen. In Part One, we covered s... Read More.

The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Acquiring Foreclosed and REO Investment Properties

Warning: We cannot print today’s pieces without a frank discussion of the “f” word. Yes, the “f” word. Foreclosure. It’s a fate we all hope to avoid personally. But as real estate investors, we also know that foreclosed homes may offer us tremendous opportunities for profit, incredible d... Read More.

Considering A Reverse Mortgage – A Unique Cash Flow Solution for Secure Seniors

Reverse mortgages have gotten more than their fair share of both good and overwhelmingly negative press coverage, so it’s no small wonder most investors and seniors are confused about what they even are. As retirees face longer life expectancies, many outlive their personal savings or Social Secur... Read More.

Tax Scams To Be Wary Of: The Dirty Dozen List, (1-6)

The IRS has released it’s scam watchlist, affectionately known as the Dirty Dozen. What should you watch out for during this year’s tax season? Learn the latest below, and remember, it’s okay to be skeptical of any officer claiming to originate from the IRS. #1: Illegal Use of Off-Shore Accoun... Read More.

Manager-Managed LLCs vs. Member-Managed LLCs: What’s Best for Real Estate Investors?

When you establish an LLC, you must plan for its management. LLCs may divide decision-making powers among members or select a manager. If your LLC is single-member, you assume managerial powers, but multi-member LLCs must decide. To make the best choice, check out our breakdown of member-managed LLC... Read More.

An Investor Profile: An Inside Look At Real Estate Investor Dmitriy Fomichenko

Dmitriy Fomichenko’s area of expertise is a little different than the more traditional real estate investors we’ve covered before. He’s a man of many talents, but his truly remarkable expertise is in using self-directed accounts, such as self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) and Solo 401(k)s, specifical... Read More.

Finders’ Fee Arrangements for Real Estate Investors: What You Need to Know

Finders’ fees can have a few meanings in real estate, but generally the term refers to the chunk of change a “middleman” in your deal can take. Sometimes they’re gifts, other times it’s a commission or percentage. Usually, real estate agents pay finders’ fees, not investors directly. But... Read More.

Series LLC For Real Estate Investors In West Virginia

Aside from getting to live in “almost heaven,” West Virginia investors really do have something special. And we’re not just talking about the local real estate markets. From an asset protection standpoint, West Virginia investors also have more options. For instance, did you know that you can ... Read More.

Series LLC For Real Estate Investors In Washington

Whether you’re in the big city of Seattle, overlooking the Puget sound, enjoying the highest quality-of-life in America on Bainbridge Island, walking past the wildflowers of Burien, or somewhere else amidst the greenery, there’s no shortage of beautiful views and beautiful homes in Washington St... Read More.

Series LLC For Real Estate Investors In Utah

Utah has scenery that we can confidently call serenity embodied. Whether you reside (or invest) in the bigger cities, near the brilliant Great Salt Lake, or in one of the state’s many tranquil rural areas, we absolutely understand the appeal of the Beehive State. Investors in Utah have multiple op... Read More.