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Estate Planning Fundamentals

Understanding The How & Why

Smart people make plans. Smart investors can’t afford not to. Learn estate planning basics and how to begin making the right decisions for your family.


Our estate planning checklist will help you put your affairs in order and anticipate every potential issue that can arise when your assets are distributed after your death.

Estate Planning: Benefits of the Structure

Structures like the series LLC let your real estate empire outlive you, plus they hide assets from Uncle Sam and his army of attorneys and accountants.

Estate Planning 101

A trust is a great way to pass your legacy on to the next generation, it’s your family, friends or a charitable organization that you want to support.

Finding A Trustee

Finding a trustee for your estate plan is tricky. If you choose someone who isn’t up to the task, you won’t be around to correct them.

Living Trust Versus A Will

Many investors don’t even know how crucial it is to have an estate plan. Learn the about wills and trust and you’ll start to see the light.


Trustee Vs. Executor

You can ease the burden on your heirs by planning ahead, and letting your chosen executor and trustee(s) know about their jobs ahead of time.

Trust Executor Duties

So you’ve been named as an executor in a will or as a trustee in a trust?  We cover the difference between the two, the trust executor duties and more.

Self-Directed Roth Ira Llc

Roth IRAs, while primarily used for the purposes of retirement, can also be useful for estate planning. We’ll show you how.

Updating Your Estate Plan

There are five major life events that are also the times you should review your estate plan and make any necessary adjustments. 

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Estate Planning Products




An estate plan is a legal strategy that addresses how your money and other assets will be distributed upon your death.





This plan ensures that you have everything you need for a successful, legally compliant real estate business.



You’ve probably had Estate Planning on your to-do list for years. It’s one of those things that sounds responsible, but not profitable … until now. Explore this 5-step system for securing wealth, today and for generations to come.

Still have questions?

Understanding Living Trusts

For those with a lot of assets or assets spread across multiple states, a revocable living trust is a legal tool for distributing assets after death.

Eligibility, Rules & Regulations

Many of the structures used to defend your assets have eligibility rules. So it’s only natural to wonder what rules apply to your estate plan.

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Estate Planning Basics: Understanding The How & Why

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