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An estate plan is a legal strategy that addresses how your money and other assets will be distributed upon your death.


Our Blog Posts on Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Understanding The How, Why & The Basics

While estate planning isn’t always the easiest topic to discuss, it isn’t necessarily painful. In fact, avoiding it tends to make it into a bigger, more dramatic deal than it needs to be. In all seriousness, if you haven’t completely thought through your estate plan...

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Estate Planning: The Benefits of the Structure

Let’s do something folks don’t do much–talk about the fun side of estate planning. While it’s hardly a rip-roaring cocktail party subject, it’s important nonetheless. An improperly planned estate, or worse, no plan at all, complicates your already painful death...

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Estate Planning: The FAQs

Estate planning is confusing enough for the average person. But as real estate investors, we have a host of unique concerns on top of the Average Joe/Jane. It’s true that estate planning may be stressful for anyone, but understanding estate planning for REIs is too...

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Future Retirement Health Care Costs Expected To Fluctuate

One of the reasons we save for retirement is because medical costs invariably go up with age. Saving for your own eventual care, even if you’re healthy as a horse now, is wise. But recent projections suggest you may actually want to save a little more. Cost of care is...

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