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Royal Legal Solutions specializes in asset protection. Our advanced legal strategies are designed to defend your hard earned money from the threat of litigation. Don't gamble with your future - take our quiz to book a consultation and learn how you can protect your assets!

Can you benefit from an asset protection plan?

Multiple Assets
Do you own multiple properties or other asset classes? If so, you most likely need an asset protection plan.
Tax Free Investing
Do you want to control your IRA investments or use a Solo 401k to optimize your tax savings?
Legal Support
Do you want to get legal advice about how to structure your operations? Members get free legal advice!

Connect with our community on the Royal Academy Discord Server

We've launched our own Royal Academy Discord server. This platform provides a space for fellow real estate investors and entrepreneurs to share, learn, and network with each other and our staff.
Your network IS your net worth. 
Are you leveraging it?
When you leverage your network, you are tapping into collective wisdom that would otherwise take you years to acquire on your own. You become more quickly equipped to solve complex challenges unique to your situation. The value is priceless and three-fold; as you share, grow, and contribute with others, you'll be discovering strategic solutions and have opportunities to create partnerships while bolstering credibility as an expert in our niche.
You have more to lose by NOT establishing a trusted network and immense benefits available by committing to this powerful, business-building technique used by top-tier investors.
Not familiar with Discord? Looking to get the most out of your experience? See this guide for beginners.
Here are some of the things you will find on the Royal Academy Discord server:
Over 200 like-minded people on a similar journey as yourself (and counting!)
An #announcements channel with resources that include links to all of our Strategic Mentoring Groups, Wistia Channels, community guidelines, and more
A 'lounge' channel for those of you working solo that would enjoy a little company from time to time or for a casual chat to get to know each other
Topic-specific breakout text channels to chat shop
Open meeting rooms available to members to collaborate using voice, video, and screen share
Friendly support staff to answer general questions and connect you to additional resources
FREE Access to our Royal Academy Vault which contains our top 5 Masterclasses and ebooks
FREE Access to the Know More Than Your Attorney in 15 Minutes E-book series by Scott Royal Smith

Step up your education with FREE Group Mentoring

We currently have one group that meets weekly for an hour in Zoom. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity to learn and share.
We'll discuss real estate market changes, legislative updates, and investment strategies with Royal Legal Solutions Attorney, Megan Templeton. You'll learn asset protection best practices, how to grow wealth, and tools to measure success.

Do you have asset protection questions? We can help!


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