Scott Royal Smith, Esq.

Popular appearances

Bigger Pockets

Scott shares tools and tactics you can use in your real estate business to protect yourself from losing the wealth you are working so hard to create.

Entrepreneur on Fire

Scott drops three value bombs in this appearance involving protecting against lawsuits by structuring your assets in a way that uses anonymity.

Wheelbarrow Profits with Jake and Gino

Scott gives some great advice on how to safeguard your real estate property and all of the benefits of the entities involved.

The Apartment Building Investing Podcast

Scott covers lawsuits in the real estate investing space, explaining his ‘if, not when’ approach to protecting yourself.

Grant Cardone

Grant breaks down steps he took to turn his real estate deals into a pattern of success and his top three tips for always coming out on top in the game.

Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif, a multi-family real estate investor tells the story of his humble beginnings, rise in the industry, and his most devastating loss.

Matt Faircloth

Matt Faircloth explains how he approached his best deal, which happened to be a stretch and the steps he took to ensure that his investment was a success.

Kevin Bupp

Kevin covers the current state of the real estate market and insight into his approach to stress testing deals re: the ‘downturn’ vs ‘not downturn’ debate.