1. RESPONSIBILITIES: Royal Legal Solutions (RLS) will perform the legal services called for under this agreement, keep Client informed of progress and developments, and respond within a reasonable time to Client’s inquiries and communications. Client will be truthful and cooperative with RLS, provide on a timely basis all information and documents necessary to RLS’s effective representation of Client’s interests, keep RLS reasonably informed of developments and of Client’s address, telephone number, and whereabouts, make timely payments required by this agreement and abide by this agreement. Client should keep in mind that RLS’ ability to adequately represent and advise Client is dependent upon Client keeping RLS fully and accurately informed. It is, therefore, important that RLS be fully apprised of all facts and circumstances concerning Client’s assets and needs. For RLS to complete your documents in a timely and correct manner, all questionnaires and requests for information must be responded to promptly. As part of your agreement with RLS, you agree to return your completed questionnaires with the requested information within thirty (30) days of receipt. RLS work begins upon receipt of completed questionnaire.
  2. FEES AND COSTS: Client agrees to pay by the rates as set forth in the quotation.
  3. CHANGE REQUESTS: Please note that once production has begun on your project, any requested change(s) will incur additional fees. Fee amount(s) will vary dependent upon the type and scope of the change(s) that is/are requested. RLS will do its best to accommodate any change(s), but change(s) cannot be guaranteed once production has begun.
  4. PAYMENTS: Client has a choice to pay in full or over our 3-month payment plan. The preferred form of payment is credit card. Other options like wire transfer, maybe arranged with your Customer Service representative.
  5. REFUNDS: Any requests for a refund must be made prior to earlier of the following: within fourteen (14) days of purchase or upon your return of the questionnaire to the RLS team. At the earliest event of the following: within fourteen (14) days of purchase or upon your return of the questionnaire to the RLS team, any right to a refund shall cease.
  6. DISCLAIMER OF GUARANTY: Although RLS may express an opinion about possible results regarding the outcome of Client’s matter, RLS cannot guarantee any particular result. Client acknowledges that RLS has made no promises about the outcome and that any opinion offered by RLS in the future will not constitute a guaranty.
  7. DOCUMENT RETENTION. It is Law Firm’s policy to retain Client’s file in RLS’ digital storage vault. Therefore, to be certain that RLS has not retained any material that Client may need or desire, Law Firm will return to Client all original documents Client has made available to Law Firm if Client so instructs Law Firm in writing within thirty (30) days after Law Firm mails to Client a letter informing Client that Law Firm has completed the services agreed to be provided under this agreement.