What is the Self-Directed IRA?

Do you have an IRA? If yes, you’ve probably only invested in mutual funds and other types of stock investments. But did you know lot of people that are in the know are now using their IRAs to invest in real estate and other more productive assets? All thanks to the self-directed IRA.

The Self-Directed IRA Basics

As its name suggest, the self directed IRA is an IRA you self-direct, or control. You might think that you control your IRA already. The truth is you don’t. Your IRA is controlled by a custodian, and you have a limited choice of investments. You can only invest in things like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
But by using a self-directed IRA, you’ll be able to take complete control of your IRA. You’ll be able to streamline the investment process and cut out the custodian, which means no more custodian fees or undue delays. And the best part? You can invest in real estate using a self directed IRA!

The Self-Directed IRA Rules

However, there are certain restrictions that apply to self directed IRA investors. You don’t want to violate the IRA rules. (If you do, there are several consequences, including a fine.)
For example, one of these IRA rules is you can’t loan money to a disqualified person. Also, there are certain assets that you can’t invest in such as artwork, life insurance or collectibles.
Yet despite all these IRA rules, the self-directed IRA is the most powerful investment tool available for an IRA owner. Once you have a self directed IRA, you’ll be able to use to invest your IRA funds into highly profitable asset classes with the ease of not having to involve a custodian.
If you have any questions about the self directed IRA, I’ve written several blog post that should be able to answer all of your questions. To learn more about the self-directed IRA (including how to fund and create one), check out our answers to top self-directed IRA questions. You may also be interested in learning how to buy real estate with your self-directed IRA.
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