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Experienced real estate investors understand lawsuits are part of the game. Introducing the Series LLC. This powerful entity virtually eliminates legal battles and is revolutionizing real estate investing in the process.

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You’ve probably had Estate Planning on your to-do list for years. It’s one of those things that sounds responsible, but not profitable … until now. Explore this 5-step system for securing wealth, today and for generations.

SDIRA & SOLO 401k Webinar

Nobody wants to end up in jail, but few people realize there are legal ways to access tax-free capital. Learn how you can fast-track your investment career through the power of tax sheltering and the Solo 401(K).

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Selling Real Estate ‘As Is’: Guide For Investors
Selling Real Estate ‘As Is’: Guide For Investors

What are the benefits of selling real estate “as-is”? If you’re a real estate investor, you need to know what “as-is,” means. Having an “as-is” clause in a real estate contract could potentially save you from many litigation issues down the line. What are the benefits...

What Is A Bump Clause In Real Estate?
What Is A Bump Clause In Real Estate?

When you are selling real estate, you want to get the best possible price.  Duh. In a red-hot seller’s market, that’s usually not a problem. But what about when the market starts to cool down? A bump clause is a way a seller can continue to market a property until the...

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Frequently asked questions

What are the 'pillars of Asset Protection'?

The more compartmentalized your assets are, the safer they are. That’s why the two pillars of asset protection are the separation of assets and anonymity. Ideally, you should have your name off of your assets, and they should be separate from you and each other (with a corporation which acts as your property management company).

Why is a Series LLC better than a Traditional LLC?

After you’ve learned how to start an LLC, explore how the Series LLC offers anonymity, lawsuit protection, compartmentalized liabilities, and it may reduce operating costs and streamline administration. The Series LLC provides protection from liability across multiple “child” Series, each treated as if it were its own LLC for liability purposes.

How can Land Trusts help me avoid the due-on-sale clause?

For this method, you’ll need an LLC and a Land Trust. So first you’ll create an anonymous Land Trust and place the property(s) into the trust. Then you’ll make your LLC a beneficiary. Problem solved!

What retirement plans do you recommend for self-employed investors?

The Solo 401(k) and the Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) let you invest retirement funds in alternative assets like real estate, precious metals, and renewable energy sources. Your nest egg can grow faster with the tax advantages that come with these plans.

How should real estate investors approach Estate Planning?

Investors generally have more assets to account for than non-investors. They must also think about transferring control of the business to heirs. Make sure your Estate Planning advisors are aware of your plans and what you want to happen in every contingency.

How can an S Corp help my real estate investing business?

When you use an S Corporation, you aren’t obligated to pay federal income tax or corporate taxes. It can also be structured to minimize or avoid the self-employment tax altogether. Distributions, for instance, are exempt.

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