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Entities, Trusts, and Insurance

A lot of folks are doing business in their personal names or with a single LLC. This leaves them wide open to lawsuits that could wipe out their net worth.

We’ll show you how to make yourself bulletproof and stop lawsuits before they even start.

Financial Legacy

Estate Planning and Retirement Planning

Spare loved ones the pain of probate and ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes with a proper estate plan that goes beyond a cookie-cutter will.

Discover how you can create generational wealth to leave a legacy for those important to you.

Tax Savings

Strategic Reviews and Tax Filing

In the past, you would hire a local CPA to file your taxes, but they would simply be filing a regular return.

We’ll show you exactly how much you’ve been losing and give you advice on how to optimize your portfolio and tax strategy moving forward.

Financial Freedom

Group Mentoring

People like real estate because it’s safe and cashflows. But it also ties up all your liquid cash and may not be giving you the best returns.

We’ll help you analyze your portfolio and optimize your investments across safe and diversified asset classes.

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Take your education to the next level with Masterclasses

Experienced real estate investors understand lawsuits are part of the game. Introducing the Series LLC. This powerful entity virtually eliminates legal battles and is revolutionizing real estate investing in the process.
Estate Planning MASTERCLASS
You’ve probably had Estate Planning on your to-do list for years. It’s one of those things that sounds responsible, but not profitable … until now. Explore this 5-step system for securing wealth, today and for generations.
Nobody wants to end up in jail, but few people realize there are legal ways to access tax-free capital. Learn how you can fast-track your investment career through the power of tax sheltering and the Solo 401(K).

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Frequently asked questions

A Series LLC is a unique form of limited liability company that provides protection from liability across multiple “child” Series, within each main “parent” Series LLC protected from liabilities arising from the other Series. Each “child” Series is treated as if it were its own LLC for liability purposes.

It offers anonymity, lawsuit protection, compartmentalized liabilities, and it may reduce operating costs and streamline administration.

Easy. The Series is a private document that you create on your desktop, sign, and store in your safe.

The Series LLC is legally controlled by the anonymous trust, through a trustee. Any money generated by the company is split by the “beneficiary(s)” designated in the trust. This way, one partner can manage the company while the other partner(s) split profits evenly.

You are the Trustee of Series LLC.

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