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For those of you who don't know me, my name is Scott Smith and I'm the founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. But I'm also a real estate investor, just like you. I've spent a ton of time figuring out how to protect my hard earned wealth and I want to share what I know in case it can help you too. Here's my track record:
2004 - I never wanted to go to college. Instead, I spent a couple years touring Mexico and cage fighting. My mother tricked me into taking Spanish classes (which counted as credits).

2006 - I realized I was halfway toward my degree, so I attended Hillsdale and majored in Economics and you guessed it -  Spanish!

2012 - I graduated with my Doctor of Law (J.D.) in Ligtigation from Albany Law School. I paid my tuition by buying, rehabbing, & flipping an auto repair shop. It was my first real estate deal and I loved it!

2013 - I worked with the Appellate court suing insurance companies who rolled over on people once the price tag got too high. This happens all the time - look up Hurricane Katrina.

2014 - I founded Royal Legal Solutions so I could do more in real estate. I searched everywhere for ways to protect my privacy and my properties from would-be litigators. I consulted with law firms, business coaches, and real estate gurus. But nobody knew how it worked.

2017 - Eventually I decided to solve the problem myself. I started talking to every real estate investor I could find and used my litigation experience to design legal strategies to help solve their problems.

2022 - The solution worked better than ever, and now I've helped over 2,000 real estate investors protect over $1.2 billion in assets in all 50 states.

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