Why is the DST Ideal for CA Residents and Investors?

The reason the DST is ideal for California residents is it avoids the $800 a year Franchise Tax that California charges LLCs. Since the structure is a Trust and not an LLC, it does not trigger the Franchise tax. If you own multiple LLCs to hold multiple properties, the yearly Franchise tax adds up t... Read More.

What is a DST?

The DST is a trust that is formed pursuant to the laws of the State of Delaware, and is an excellent product for Californian investors. Like the parent Series LLC, the DST allows for anonymity and lawsuit protection. The DST also works with the individual child Series structure (just like a parent S... Read More.

What is the difference between a traditional LLC and a Series LLC?

In a traditional LLC, you limit your personal liability. This is great for protecting yourself from any lawsuits, debt collections or bankruptcies that are filed against your business. However, unless you establish multiple traditional LLCs, all of your business assets fall under one umbrella. Enter... Read More.