All Of Our Clients Are Real Estate Investors

Royal Legal Solutions is a boutique law firm focused on protecting our clients’ real estate assets throughout the United States and Canada. No matter where you or your property is, we can protect your equity. Founding attorney Scott Smith is a real estate investor himself and has learned that keeping your wealth is just as important as making it. All of our clients are real estate investors, and everything we do is focused on protecting their hard earned assets.

We Structure Hard-Ball Protection From Aggressive Litigation  

Before opening Royal Legal Solutions, founder Scott Smith was an aggressive litigator who brought suit against major insurance companies. He knows firsthand the tactics plaintiff’s attorneys use to win law suits. He brings this knowledge to bear when setting up business structures to protect your assets. We analyze your individual situation and put nuanced strategies into place that will not only protect your property to the greatest extent possible but also save you money in taxes and state fees. You don’t need to be a millionaire to benefit from the right system for acquiring property and protecting your assets. Our clients range from first time investors to seasoned real estate investors with a broad portfolio of properties

We Are Transparent

We will explain everything we do to you and why; we believe in complete transparency in order to help you look after your interests. In fact, our founder teaches a continuing education class bout risk reduction to realtors associated with the Austin Board of Realtors.

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Heard otherwise about Asset Protection? Review the 3 Most Common Asset Protection Misconceptions

Why Real Estate Investors Can’t Afford To Rely On Insurance For Asset Protection

If you’re a real estate investor, it’s time to ask yourself an important question: are you protected?
Before I began specializing in asset protection I would play for the other side. Meaning, I would sue people. Take it from me, it’s easy for an attorney to sue you if you don’t have a proper asset protection strategy in place. There are many ways to protect yourself, such as with a Series LLC, or a self directed IRA LLC.

Insurance Won’t Always Protect You From Claims On Your Property

An insurance claim usually results from a “slip and fall” on a property or something else you would normally characterize as an accident. Typically this is what your insurance is willing to cover. But your insurance doesn’t cover you from any intentional acts that might occur.
What’s considered an intentional act? Well, that’s depends what you consider to be intentional.
And that’s where the law comes in!

How Insurance Failed One Of My Clients.

A client of mine flipped a house and renovated it by replacing some of the plumbing underneath the house. However, my client told the buyer that all of the plumbing had been replaced underneath the house. But unfortunately she told the buyer in one email that all of the plumbing had been replaced.
As a result, my client was hit with a lawsuit alleging intentional fraud, an incident that insurance doesn’t cover. Yet even after this simple misunderstanding, my client walked away from that lawsuit without paying a dime. This was all because she had a proper asset protection strategy in place.
At Royal Legal Solutions , we help real estate investors maximize their asset protection.

The Royal Legal Solutions Commitment

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