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Here's what you get:
The well-known, but poorly understood way to structure your LLC that saves you big on taxes!
The little known asset holding company that could make a huge difference by simplifying your life and reducing your costs.
The privacy hack that completely changes everything.
Getting back to the fundamentals so you can focus on making money instead of putting out fires.
We've helped 2000 real estate investors protect +$1.2 billion in assets in all 50 states.
Before Royal
"Before engaging with Royal Legal Soltuions, I only had insurance. I listened to a podcast about lawsuits and it scared my pants off. So that's when I reached out to Royal Legal Solutions."
After Royal
"The biggest benefit of working with Royal Legal Solutions is peace of mind and being able to sleep at night. There is such a variety of things that can happen. If you buy a property with mold or something you have no control over, you could be slapped with a lawsuit. You could jump in the car and something that could happen that isn't even your fault and you could get sued."
Chris Tubbs
Business Systems Analyst
Before Royal
"Before engaging with Royal Legal Soltuions, we learned that legal stuff takes a lot of time to understand it. You know you're going to make mistakes and lose some money. I wanted to make sure the worst case scenario didn't happen to me."
After Royal
"I have peace of mind and I know Royal Legal Solutions will always be there. Everyone wants to create wealth, but you don't want your nest egg to be vulnerable. It's nice having that protection in your back pocket. We feel pretty well protected."
Sean Kiess
Fire Fighter
Before Royal
"Before engaging with Royal Legal Soltuions, I had a bazillion LLCs because I was protecting each asset. I was really concerned about the piercing of the coprorate viel. If we forget to file something or use a personal card vs a corporate card that might get us in trouble down the road."
After Royal
"Working with Royal Legal Solutions has streamlined our operations and made it simple to manage. You gave us the confidence to know that each property would be separated from the others in case the corporate viel was pierced. I could tell from all your videos and testimonials that you had done this before and it wasn't your first rodeo, and you came highly recommended so there was a high level of trust for us."
Daniel Ramsey
My OutDesk
Before Royal
"Before engaging with Royal Legal Soltuions, I had been listening to podcasts and knew I wanted to start this out right, so that's why I reached out to form a business entity. I knew it would become expensive to set this up later on and not have the proper structure in place."
After Royal
"Working with Royal Legal Solutions was easy all around. It wasn't that expensive, it was very straightforward, and your team would handle all the details for me. You laid out what needed to happen, what your process was, and made it simple. I'd recommend you 10 out of 10, and I've already recommended you to friends and family as well as on Bigger Pockets."
Christopher Pound
Phrish Holdings
Before Royal
"Before engaging with Royal Legal Soltuions, I felt a tremendous amount of exposure, not just for myself but for my partners. I had been using an S-Corporation, but it didn't seem like an all-in-one package."
After Royal
"Working with Royal Legal Solutions has given me peace of mind. I feel completely protected, and I'm not running around wasting a bunch of time all because of your direction. As you know, I've already referred you to so many people and they've been thrilled."
Paige Panzarello
The Cashflow Chick
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Scott Smith and I'm the founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions. But I'm also a real estate investor, just like you. I've spent a ton of time figuring out how to protect my hard earned wealth and I want to share what I know in case it can help you too. Here's my track record:
2004 - I never wanted to go to college. Instead, I spent a couple years touring Mexico and cage fighting. My mother tricked me into taking Spanish classes (which counted as credits).

2006 - I realized I was halfway toward my degree, so I attended Hillsdale and majored in Economics and you guessed it -  Spanish!

2012 - I graduated with my Doctor of Law (J.D.) in Ligtigation from Albany Law School. I paid my tuition by buying, rehabbing, & flipping an auto repair shop. It was my first real estate deal and I loved it!

2013 - I worked with the Appellate court suing insurance companies who rolled over on people once the price tag got too high. This happens all the time - look up Hurricane Katrina.

2014 - I founded Royal Legal Solutions so I could do more in real estate. I searched everywhere for ways to protect my privacy and my properties from would-be litigators. I consulted with law firms, business coaches, and real estate gurus. But nobody knew how it worked.

2017 - Eventually I decided to solve the problem myself. I started talking to every real estate investor I could find and used my litigation experience to design legal strategies to help solve their problems.

2022 - The solution worked better than ever, and now I've helped over 2,000 real estate investors protect over $1.2 billion in assets in all 50 states.

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