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Before, when you wanted to learn about structuring your real estate business, you would need to do tons of independent research and talk with multiple advisors about legal, tax, and insurance strategies. But now you can access our free training to learn exactly what to do without wasting tons of time or spending money on consultations. Isn't that better?

Courses For Evertyhing

Before, when you wanted to access information on a particular topic, you would have to collect your own resources - articles, videos, Facebook Groups, Bigger Pockets threads, etc... But now you can get everything you need at your fingertips and learn faster than ever before!

Group Mentoring

Real Estate Investing Advice

Watch replays of the Royal Investing group mentoring sessions.
Tax Savings Strategies
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Land Trust Drill Down

Big Picture Thinking

Scott demonstrates how to achieve fulfillment in all areas of your life using the Royal Life Planner.
6 Forms of Capital "Fishes"
Identifying core values

Tax Savings Strategies

Discover tax savings strategies for real estate investors presented by Pete Schindele, CFO.
Benefits of S Corporations
Solo 401k for Tax-Free Investing
Self-Funded Pension Plans

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