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Real Estate Joint Venture Liabilities Likely to Get You Sued

Freddy Stein is an active real estate flipper making big moves in the Atlanta market. He currently has four properties he’s rehabilitating, all held under his corporation.  Bad idea! We always recommend that our clients…


Can My Husband and I Own Our Business Together as a Sole Proprietorship?

There are some instances in which a couple who run a business together wouldn’t be interested in creating a formal business entity. The question then becomes: can that business, being run by a married couple,…



Joint Ventures in Real Estate Investing: How They Work

After the recession, joint ventures were hotter than documentaries about corruption at investment banks. If you’ve been in real estate since then, you’ve probably entered into one at some point. These tasty commodities were attractive…


Joint Venture Agreements For Real Estate Investors

If you’ve been in the real estate business for awhile now, the chances are extremely high that you’ve entered a Joint Venture Agreement at least once. Right after the recession hit, Joint Venture Agreements became…


What Makes a Series LLC Different from an LLC?

Have you heard about the Series LLC? It’s basically a newer and better version of the normal LLC. Now you might be wondering, what makes the Series LLC different from a normal LLC? Hint: if…


Doing Joint Venture Deals With An LLC

Whenever you’re going into a JV deal. It’ll almost always be inside of an LLC where you’ll be a part owner of that company.


Making Your Real Estate Dream Team

Believe it or not, making your real estate dream team only requires three people. You need an attorney, a CPA and a deal maker. A deal maker is either a real estate agent or a…