Choose Royal Legal Solutions For Your 401k

Lots of companies claim to be 401k experts. You know what the difference is between us and them?
We’re actual tax attorneys. That’s right. Instead of having your finances planned by some guy with a printed certificate from an online university, you’ll get a real tax lawyer, as in an educated and trained tax professional. Some other Solo 401k providers will offer you Employee Retirement Income Security Act guidance that they are not qualified to give.
We also work with sharp, detail-oriented CPAs to ensure your compliance Additionally, we offer lots of free educational information on your part in keeping your 401k compliant.

Why You Don't Want To Skimp on Retirement Planning

Other companies will tell you that you don’t need a tax attorney or specialized professional to establish a 401k plan. They’re right. You technically don't. But if you want to save money and stay off the IRS naughty list, you want to get your 401k done and managed right. That's what Royal Legal Solutions can help you do.
The problem with trying to save money initially is that you'll end up paying to repair the damage in the long run. If you're unfortunate enough to hire a less-than-stellar outfit to create and manage your 401k, you'll end up needing an attorney to clean up the mess eventually. We’re just trying to save you that first costly step. Pass on the amateurs. Go with the pros at Royal Legal. Unless you enjoy extra attention from Uncle Sam.

401ks Work Best For You With Qualified Professional Assistance

The Solo 401k plan is based on the rules of the Internal Revenue Code. This is a complicated document that tax professionals are paid to understand. Royal Legal’s experts know the code inside and out. They make it work to your best financial advantage every time.
Royal Legal will help you retire earlier and wealthier. Other providers forget about you once your retirement plan has begun. You’ll be able to consult with our expert navigators when you get lost in some of the murkier waters of investment and retirement planning.

How Royal Legal Solutions Helps You Retire Wealthier

We take care of your annual maintenance so that you’re investment plan maximizes growth and always remains in compliance with IRS regulations.
We’ve helped thousands of people across North America achieve great success with their Solo 401ks. Call Royal Legal Solutions today for your personal retirement planning consultation. Let us help you achieve your financial goals.

Last Updated: 
November 29, 2017

Scott Royal Smith is an asset protection attorney and long-time real estate investor. He's on a mission to help fellow investors free their time, protect their assets, and create lasting wealth.

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