The Family Office

Run your business like a billionaire.

The most important thing in real estate and life is who you have with you on your journey.

Having a great team makes all the difference, but finding the right people can be uniquely challenging. Who do you need? And how do you tell if they have your best interests at heart?

Billionaires do this by hiring a tight-knit team focused on taking care of them and their wealth. They call this a “Family Office.”

Now, and for the first time ever, the everyday real estate investor can have his or her own Family Office. Attorneys, CPAs, coaches and a host of other specialized experts will be watching your back.

Why spend years building your own real estate dream team when you can use ours? We have the professionals on staff and a network of providers vetted by us to handle all of your real estate investor needs no matter who you are, where you’re located, or what investing you’re doing.

What’S Included in the Family Office

Franchise Tax Filing*

In order for your LLC to maintain good standing, a yearly franchise tax filing is required even if no taxes are owed. In some situations regarding Delaware Statutory Trusts and Domestic Asset Protection Trusts, a similar yearly report is required as well. You are responsible for any fees due to the state on a yearly basis.

Royal Legal Solutions will assist you if you have a Texas LLC or Series LLC that made less than $1.1 million in gross sales. For all other scenarios, please consult with your CPA.

*Does not include yearly fees, local services, or the virtual mail.

Nominee Trustee

Royal Legal Solutions will sign trust documents on your behalf* in order to maintain your anonymity. The Trust document will designate in the first paragraph that after the property is transferred into the trust, Royal Legal Solutions automatically resigns and that you are the sole trustee. In this way, the public record is obscured since Scott Smith (our lead attorney) will appear as the Trustee, but you solely have control of the Trust and the property.

*For situations when you are purchasing directly into the land trust, an additional fee will apply where anything other than an electronic signature online is required.

Public Information Report

In some states, you are required to file a signed disclosure on a yearly basis the owners and Managers of the legal entity. Royal Legal Solutions will act as an agent for that filing to maintain your anonymity so that your information does not appear on the filing.

Client Account

Our secure electronic vault stores all your legal documents. If a major life event should happen, your loved ones will know where to go to access your information and get immediate support from our team.

Custom Diagram

We’ll create a visual representation of your legal and tax structure* so you can understand and share your business model at a glance.

*On request only

Unlimited Support

Have questions about your asset protection plan? Ask us any time and as often as you like at no extra charge. We’ll help align your goals with the information you need and provide unlimited contact by email.

Personal Attorney

Get two hours of free attorney time* every year. Schedule a meeting to discuss contracts, your estate plan, or anything else you want to talk about.

*This applies to the time spent on a phone call or virtual meetings. It does not include additional time or work performed outside of the meeting itself.

Quarterly Review

Think of this as a doctor’s checkup for your finances, entity use, estate plan, etc. We take the deep dive to ensure you’re doing everything correctly. You can schedule a review up to four times each year.

Litigation Assistance

Your ready-built litigation support team at Royal Legal represents you along with your local counsel* from day one of the lawsuit at no additional cost.

*You are responsible for hiring local counsel to represent you in court, as well as paying all court fees and all other fees.

Financial Calculator (BETA)

Access to the tools* used by the people who have built wealth from zero to $10MM+.

*On request only.

Wealth Network (BETA)

Get access to our list of wealth building tools and providers.*

*On request only.

Coaching Network (coming soon)


Learn from the very best coaches and investors specializing in single family home investing all over the USA and Canada.


Learn to maximize your ROI, cashflow, and ability to be more flexible to unlock your maximum investing potential.


30-plus years of the combined knowledge in vetting thousands of deals means our advisors know (1) how to vet syndication deals you want to invest money into and (2) what do you need to do to launch your own syndication.


Participate in guest interviews in real estate, wealth creation, tax savings, and more. Scott and the other Royal Legal Solutions experts also provide coaching for any problems that is keeping you from reaching your financial freedom, time freedom, or personal fulfillment goals.

Have questions? We can help!