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LLCs Can Function as Pass-Through Entities

LLCs Can Function as Pass-Through Entities

[00:08] The LLC or series LLC as the easiest tax returns for a single member. It’s known as a pass through entity. This means that all of the income from your company’s able to be recorded on your personal income tax return. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to CPA take people to file that business tax return that you would have to do otherwise. This is also true if it’s you and your spouse filing jointly, uh, for your, for your income taxes. And some states they require multi members and so this can be a huge leg up when it comes time for ease of use of tax preparation. Let’s take for example though that you had to have you and a partner inside of your LLC. Well now you’re going to have to file what’s known as a partnership return and a partnership return is a separate return for the business itself. You’re going to need somebody to help you repair that return and I suggest you hire a good CPA that’s real estate investor to be able to help you prepare the return. Also note that an LLC is able to be taxed as a corporation, and in some instances it can make sense, um, in terms of your operating company to have that LLC taxed as an s corporation. So keep that in mind. My name is Scott Smith. I’m an asset protection attorney, a real estate investor. I want to help you.

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