One Property Per LLC Asset Protection Strategy

One Property Per LLC Asset Protection Strategy

[00:08] A common asset protection strategy for a real estate investor as to have one property per LLC. And that makes sense because if you have a lawsuit with one property, you don’t want it affecting your other assets and limits your downside risk. So in this situation, we have one LLC with one property held inside of it. We haven’t completely different LLC with another property held inside of it. This is a great situation. If you have a lawsuit that’s going to involve this property, it’s not going to affect this property. One thing that you might do to further increase your protections is to have a corporation which acts as your property management company. Property Management Company is completely separate from the Llcs, which were holds your assets and because it’s completely separate, if you have a contract with sue you, if you have a tenant that would sue you, if you have anybody else that deals with the business of running your real estate company that would sue you. This is the person or the entity that they’re going to be able to sue. They won’t have a claim against your property. And that’s what we want. It protects your credit score from them soon you individually, if you ran the business yourself and it protects your assets from anybody else getting to,

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