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Corporate Compliance

Broadly speaking, our corporate compliance services help you keep your company’s practices in line with state and federal law.  The main purpose of this service is to help prevent your company from incurring unnecessary fines and avoiding violations of law that could result in costly litigation. In addition to ensuring your company’s practices are on the up-and-up, effective corporate compliance will also help you detect any potential violations that may arise as you are running your business. We also structure your corporate compliance strategy to allow you to take corrective action for potential future compliance issues. While none of us can predict the future (we’re lawyers, not psychics), we have found that a plan that contains all of the following essential features can provide excellent protection for your business.

The process begins from within, where we help you lay a framework of internal policies that will help you run your business efficiently and legally.  Some organizations may need assistance with minor documents, such as Employee Codes of Conduct, while others will need airtight management agreements.  Good leadership is crucial, and for those who have formed an entity with Royal Legal Solutions, you are one step ahead: we make the roles of all members clear from the outset. We perform a risk analysis from the outset that will reveal the vulnerabilities in your existing operations, and where possible, anticipate any future risks and guide you in establishing policies that will minimize your risks. The types of risks you will face depend on a variety of factors, from location, to the types of business you conduct, to the sector you’re in and many more. We’re well-versed in the types of risk you’re likely to face and how to manage them, especially in a real estate context. Finally, no corporate compliance system is complete without effective oversight. Royal Legal Solutions’ expertise in this area comes from our years of working with a diversity of businesses, big and small, as well as our intimate knowledge of business and real estate law.

Royal Legal Solutions offers services for entities formed under our guidance, such as LLCs, (S)LLCs, and LPs, but can also assist established corporations in refining their existing compliance practices to ensure that you and your assets are not under threat if any of the above assets were overlooked in your previous plan.