Family Office: Investor Asset Protection Subscription Plan

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Most people who aren't attorneys don't enjoy spending their free time pouring over state statutes to ensure their company is compliant. As a real estate investor, you are most likely already busy enough. You may be scouting for new properties, researching new investment opportunities, making repairs on a home, filing your taxes, keeping up with your tenant's payments, or even working another job on top of all of that. That is why we created the Family Office Plan for investors like you.

The Family Office Plan is designed with your busy schedule in mind. The goal of this package is to let us, the professionals, worry about all of the legal technicalities of your business so you can concentrate on growing your business. We have included several of our most popular services, all bundled together and available to you at a reduced rate.

The Family Office Investor Asset Protection Plan's Features

The Family Office Plan ensures that you have everything you need for a successful, legally compliant real estate business. When you subscribe to the Family Office Plan package, you get:

  • Asset Protection Check-Up Twice Yearly. Royal Legal Solutions is one of the few boutique firms to focus primarily on asset protection. Family Office Plan subscribers get their asset protection strategies personally reviewed by our founder, asset protection expert Scott Smith, Esq. Never worry about your plan being out of date again. Our experts will ensure your company will protect your valuables in the event of a lawsuit. We will also notify you of any ways we observe to strengthen or enhance your existing asset protection plan.
  • Estate Plan Check-up Twice Yearly. Did you know that you should be updating your estate plan any time you buy or sell a major asset, such as an investment property? If you don't do this, your assets could be unaccounted for and end up caught in probate court upon your passing. Real estate investors must consider this and other issues that the "average" person may never worry about when planning their estates. Fortunately, subscribers to our Family Office Plan get this tedious task taken care of for them by an experienced estate planning attorney.
  • Franchise Tax Filing. The Texas Comptroller requires all LLCs to file for "no taxes due" to remain compliant with state law. We take care of this process for you, so all you have to worry about is your personal tax return.
  • Ongoing Corporate Compliance Services. These services include updating documents such as your Operating Agreement and Articles of Organization to meet legal requirements. The laws that regulate LLCs vary from state to state and can change without garnering the average person's attention. At Royal Legal Solutions, we monitor any changes in state law and update your company's records to ensure it is legally compliant.
  • Registered Agent Services. Royal Legal Solutions can serve as your Registered Agent in Texas. The law requires all out-of-state LLC owners to have a Registered Agent. This agent is responsible for all legal correspondence related to your business. As attorneys, this task is simple for us. Texas law requires out-of-state businesses to maintain a local address in order to receive notifications from the Secretary of State. Royal Legal Solutions will be your in-state legal representative.

If you want even more comprehensive coverage and total asset protection, check out our Life Squared Asset Protection Package. The Family Office Plan can be purchased alone, but is also included in the Life Squared package. Many of our clients who enjoy the convenience of the Family Office Plan also find they want the total asset protection that comes with the Life Squared Package. Learn more about how the Life Squared Asset Protection Package can defend your ever-growing real estate portfolio.

The Family Office Plan Makes Running Your Real Estate Investment Business Simple

In an industry where over 90% of investors are sued within 20 years, having an asset protection plan is a no-brainer. The only true protection you can have from money-hungry attorneys and their disgruntled clients is through a compliant corporate structure that limits your liability. We can advise you on the best structures for you, or take over asset protection strategy for your existing business. At Royal Legal Solutions, we aren't just attorneys. We are investors ourselves. The insights we give you are derived from our years of experience in both the real estate investing and legal worlds.

The Family Office Plan sets you up for real estate success. While it is still up to you to find and make your deals, you will be doing so on the foundation of a solid company structure. Our experts will be working away in the background to make sure you are using the best strategies and receiving the finest legal services possible. Meanwhile, you can put all of your attention into enhancing your business and bottom line. Do you have questions about any of the services included in our Family Office Plan? If so, please contact us today. We are here to help you get the best services for your unique situation.

If you want to be free of the burden of worrying about the legal status of your real estate business, you're in luck. Don't wait until you are non-compliant or threatened with a lawsuit. Take action now. Schedule your personalized asset protection consultation today.