Property Transfer

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If you purchased a Series LLC or you want to include an Anonymous Land Trust with your Deed, you're in the right place! Property transfers include all of these services at a one time low cost. This option is what we recommend for all Series LLC owners. We'll move the ownership of your property into the series structure and hide it behind a layer of anonymity provided by the land trust.

Why wouldn't you just do this by yourself? Or maybe you're thinking about hiring a different firm to handle this process. There are several reasons to choose Royal Legal Solutions.

Drafting deeds can be time consuming. Unlike standardized documents, deed requirements are based on the laws of the county in which the property is located. Individual properties must be filed with with the county recorder. In order to maintain compliance, you'll need to update your documentation in accordance with any changes to county requirements.

Land trusts are fairly straight forward, but our competitors routinely charge upwards of $500 for these trust. Our price is half that amount (see bulk pricing below). Why pay more for the same results?

Royal Legal Solutions provides ease-of-mind Property Transfer and end-to-end service at one low price. We cover all filing fees and manage your ongoing document compliance. We also handle any complex variations, such as the transfer of tax affidavits and exemptions, at no additional cost. The price is the same regardless of the level of complexity, so you never need to worry about hidden fees.

Bulk Discount

Properties Price
1-3 $300 per property
4 or more $250 per property