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Series Document For Real Estate Investors

If you own or are considering purchasing a Series LLC, you’ll quickly become familiar with the importance of the Series Document. To get the full benefits of your Series LLC, it’s absolutely crucial to have effectively crafted and legally compliant documents for each of your Series entities. Remember that the Series LLC uses a parent-child structure to separate and protect your assets. Take a glance at the chart below for a hypothetical example of how this structure works.

As you can see, the parent company operates everything. This is also known as an operating or even “shell” company because it does not contain any assets on its own. It’s the “boss” of the structures, or Series, beneath it. We’ve dubbed it “Big Daddy” in our example to make the point that it can have as many children as it likes. However, unlike most biological children we know, there is no waiting period and these kind of children won’t cost you money. They will make you money. This structure is the most effective when each “child” or Series has a single asset within it. But the beauty of this entity is that each Series comes with complete liability protections identical to those of a traditional LLC. Think of them as miniature LLCs. Legally speaking, these offer the same protections as having four totally separate LLCs, only in a cheaper and infinitely more manageable framework. For much more information on the incredibly useful features of the Series LLC, check out our free educational resource on the nuts and bolts of how the Series LLC works.

Why You Need An Real Estate Attorney For Your First REI Series Documents

But as with any legal structure, it’s only as good as its paperwork. Ensuring that the Series Documents are formatted appropriately and legally binding is essential to getting the most out of your Real Estate Investment Series LLC. The accuracy of these documents is also critical for tax reasons. With professionally crafted Series Documents, you won’t pay a penny more than necessary on your tax returns, and of course, will keep our friends at the IRS happy. Check out our free educational resource to learn more about your tax options for your Series entities and how to properly account for them on your returns.

One of the many reasons investors love the Series LLC is how simple it is to create a new, fully-functioning “child” LLC within the structure. This process is quick and easy when you partner with Royal Legal Solutions. Let’s suppose you decide to buy a new rental home for passive investment income. Incorporating into the structure is as easy as notifying us, letting us draft and sign your Series Document, and getting a copy. But it gets even better. With Royal Legal Solutions by your side, you soon won’t even have to engage in that process. We will equip you with the basic information and documents you need to eventually grow your Series LLC on your own. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Get Empowered To Grow Your Real Estate Investments With Series Documents

Royal Legal Solutions also does something with our Series Documents that you will not find at other boutique firms. Many of our competitors are all too happy to nurture your dependence on their services. We find this practice insulting to the intelligence of our clients and fellow investors, and instead hope for you to use this service to learn to add Series yourself. That’s right: we actually intend for you to use our Series Document service once or twice, then grow from there until you are comfortable creating new Series Documents on your own. Once you have created these documents a couple of times, it gets easier. After you know the requirements as far as boilerplate language and signatures, you can create as many children as you like from your home computer. That’s right: you will learn from our experts how to scale your business indefinitely from the comfort of your own home or office.

But get started on the right foot: let us help you form your Series LLC and create all the appropriate documentation. That way, we can empower you to grow your business with this infinitely scalable model on your own. You know the old saying about giving someone a fish to feed him for a day, versus teaching that same person to fish so they can be fed for life? We want to set you up for lifelong investment success. So we will give you a Series Document, and set you up for Series A. But we believe in giving all of our clients the knowledge and skills to grow their businesses independently. Of course, we are always here to support you as you build your real estate empire and happy to answer any questions you may have as you learn this process.

Get Lifelong REI Security With Your Series LLC For Real Estate Investments From Royal Legal Solutions

Don’t risk trying to execute this task on your own at first. Your assets are too valuable to put at risk over errors in a Series Document. Contact Royal Legal Solutions today for help forming your Series LLC or incorporating your newest asset today. If you haven’t yet formed your Series LLC or have additional questions about the structure or necessary documents, schedule your personalized Series LLC consultation now. Take your real estate investing business up a notch, and let the many benefits of the Series LLC structure start working for you.