Series Document

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The Series Document is a critical piece of running your Series LLC. If you're considering or already own this type of entity, it's important that you have accurately completed, legally-binding documents for each "child" company (or Series). If you haven't already, take a look at the diagram below for a clear visual of how this structure works, and why you'll need your series documents in order.

Each of those "child" companies (A, B, and C) will require its own documentation, as they are essentially mini-LLCs.  Once you've done these a couple of times, it gets easier. Once you know the requirements as far as boilerplate language and signatures, you can create as many children as you like from your home computer. But get started on the right foot: let us help you form your Series LLC, with all the appropriate documentation. That way, we can empower you to grow your business with this infinitely scalable model on your own. You can give a man a Series Document, and set him up for Series A. But we believe in giving all of our clients the knowledge to grow their businesses independently. Contact Royal Legal Solutions today if you need assistance with your Series Documentation.